Saturday, December 5, 2009

Book Review: Northline, by Willy Vlautin

This is actually another lesson on why I really need to stop judging books by covers, because yet again- the cover did nothing for me and I really LOVED this book. Loved it. I am insisting you read it.

This is another book I got mailed to me, for free, from Haper Collins' Publishing. I'm slowly making my way through that stack. But I also received another book of Willy's called The Motel Life which I gave away earlier. I'll talk more about that but let's get on with the review!

Amazing book. This is an incredibly fast read, I literally got it done in one evening sit down consisting of 4 hours. It is basically about our main character, Allison, who is fucked up 7 ways from Sunday in her own right, but she is in an abusive relationship. I found it curious that we didn't read a lot about the actual abuse- you get brief snippits throughout, but yet you knew that it was extremely abusive in every way possible right off the bat. The writing is really superb- maybe that's why you just knew all of this stuff without having to actually read it. Does this make sense? Probably not, but that's my operating thought at 8 a.m. today.

You are totally rooting for Allison through the entire book but everytime she makes a bad choice you are literally smacking your own head because it's like she can't really see what she's doing. I loved the ending of the book as well. It kind of ended it in the middle of nowhere, but I felt hopeful for her in the end. Like maybe she finally made the right decision and her path has changed.

Definitely a good read you should check out. The book also comes with a CD that is essentially the soundtrack to the book, performed by Willy and his band. I have to confess I didn't listen to it. Maybe you should put it in when you read. Dammit- why didn't I think of that before?! Well it's a brand new CD for you to enjoy.

Now, are you really wanting to read this? Like really, really? OK- so here are the rule:

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Jen Mc said...

I'm awesome! :) I love to hear book reviews. It sounds like a good one - thanks!

Hope you're feeling better; had a good Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Christmas.

Unknown said...

I am sorry it wasn't a very good trip. ={

I love christmas ornaments. We went to his moms house today & she was putting her tree up and had the box of ornaments out and they are mostly what Scotty & his brother made when they were little.

They are so cute!

I would love the link to the story about your bad trip

spanky* said...

OMG! ok, this is toooo weird... not only do i have the same name as you (Sara) with NO h, & not only do i have the same eclipse countdown on my blog... BUT...
i have a second blog CALLED "Organized Chaos".... how WEIRD!!!???

wow.. this is crazy!!!!!

i only ever wrote on it once & it was kind of a secret, venting post, so i never advertised it, but wow... i'm like... kinda blown away!!!

Anonymous said...

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