Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Airborne Toxic Event and the beginning of birthday extravaganza weekend.

Good lord, I have a LOT of stuff to update you on, but let's start with last Thursday. Mostly because I can't really remember anything previous to that because my brain is currently *full* and I need to get some of this stuff out of it.

So on Thursday I drove down to the Twin Cities to meet up with my very good friend Amy. It was her actual birthday and we were going to go shopping at Mall of America, have some lunch and then head over to the Airborne Toxic Event concert at First Avenue. But before I get to that? I am giving a HUGE shout out to my little anonymous reader Meryl who insisted I listen to ATE because she was certain that I would love them. She obviously knows me better than my husband because she was totally right, so if she had never emailed me I would never know about them and I would not have had such a great night. So thanks, Meryl!

First up, let's talk lunch. We ate at Cadillac Ranch in the Mall of America which I think is kind of new? It was really good and Amy can vouch for the fact that they don't skimp on liquor in their Long Island Teas.
 Birthday girl got free dessert. As much as I wanted to hi-jack that plate of awesome, I didn't.

Then we shopped. And took pictures in ugly fucking hats courtesy of H&M. I don't know what it is, but I think getting my picture in ugly hats is fun. AND, the bonus is that I found a faux dead fox scarf which sadly, is not fully highlighted here.
Then off to the concert we went. We were first in line at First Avenue and we pretty much froze our ass off for 90 minutes. But it was OK because we made friends with a sixty-something guy next to us who was telling us he goes to about 75 concerts a year and when he retires in a year, he hopes that he can do many more. Pretty much my hero because that's how I want to be when I'm old- a cool concert goer to the end, babes.

The first band to come on stage were the Drowning Men, which I had never heard of but was pleasantly surprised. I actually really liked their set and kind of loved the fact that they had what I believed to be dueling organs/pianos/something with keys. It was kind of amazing. I was really sad that there were less than 100 people there to see them play because they were actually really great.
 After the Drowning Men played we had two fucking LOSERS come right next to us. Like, literally RIGHT NEXT to us. Amy and I were first, so we stood close to the stage on this ledge. The glory of the ledge is that you can sit and/or stand. We were alternating between the two because I know my back, legs, and feet will kill me if I stand through an entire concert. But these people chose to sit RIGHT NEXT to us. Notice the lack of people, and then notice the girl (sitting next to/behind Amy) and her boyfriend, who chose to stand although there was the entire rest of the ledge.
 They remained like this through the next band but right before ATE? The guy says to us, "Are you guys sitting or standing?" Amy looks at me, but we both replied "both", because she was sitting at the time, I was standing but kind of kneeling on the ledge because my hip felt like it was literally going to give out. Here's the convo from there on out:
Guy: Oh no, it's one or the other.
Me: Um, no it's not. We've been here since 4 so that's what we're doing.
Guy: It doesn't matter, it's one or the other.
(Now, for a standing room only event because there are no chairs, it's just common sense that you get their early to get prime viewing of the stage. Which is what we had.)
Me: No, we're going to do both.
*At this point we start ignoring them because honestly, this guy can fuck a duck for all I care.*
Girl: You know what? You are a bunch of bitches.
Me: I know and that's OK.

That kind of ended it right there, but honestly- NEVER in all of my years of going to a show at this venue have I ever had a problem with people. Never. I've been that person who got there too late for the ledge and while it sucks... you deal with it. You don't coerce others off the ledge. Anyways. Eventually I looked over and the guy was sitting so I don't know what the fracking deal was. You can't take up more than your own ass width of ledge. It's just a rule. ANYWAYS.

The second band was Mona. They were kind of great as well and after the set the singer walked by me and patted my back. I would have totally let him slap my ass for the record. They were that good. The only irritating thing is that I kind of hate when singers get cocky on stage? Towards the end of their set he kind of got the "We're so anti-establishment and badass" attitude and yeah. I can do without that.
 OH! And there was a girl in her mid 20's that came with her parents! They were very obviously her chaperone's and kept eagle eyes on her. The parents were obviously not in their element. OH! And it should be noted that there were a lot of older people at the show. Weird.
 Then Airborne Toxic Event came on and though I loved Mikel Jollett before, I pretty much love him more now. He's just so cute and his voice is fantastic and he's like a butch hipster. I pretty much love it.
 They played every single awesome song which means almost everything off of their two albums which was amazing. Definite highlights were the crowd sing a longs to "Sometime Around Midnight" and "All I Ever Wanted".
It was a pretty kick ass concert and I am very glad I got to go. If you don't know this band you should definitely check them out- they put on a pretty amazing live show.

On my drive home I was exhausted. I haven't been that exhausted driving home in awhile and I was really looking forward to my stop in Hinckley. I stopped at Tobies to pee and then I got some donuts for Matt and the kids. Then my next tradition is to stop at Hardees to get a Big Roast Beef sandwich and large Coke. Not because I love the food but because it makes me physically ill but that's what keeps me awake for the second half of my drive. That section of my drive is particularly awful because there literally is nothing on the highway, it's pitch dark and I have to be alert enough to watch for deer and other woodland creatures with insomnia.

But guess what? Fucking Hardees was CLOSED. Their entire store was dark, drive through turned off yet the "Drive Through 24 Hours!" sign was lit. The level of anger and feelings of disappointment was pretty high. So I had to go to McDonald's which I can't stand anyways. I hate McDonald's. Have you noticed you don't really have to chew their hamburgers anymore? At least the Quarter Pounders? Because it pretty much dissolves in your mouth and that's disgusting. I only took one bite and realized it had the consistency of styrofoam and my fries were cold and wiggly. I don't like wiggly fries. McDonald's FAIL.

I think I climbed into bed around 1am? I had to work right away the next morning which was kind of rough. Then I was off to Rochester for the weekend. More on that tomorrow.


Carrie said...

I was just at H&M with my sister and totally made her take a picture in that animal scarf thing! That thing was almost disturbing. I would really like to see the person that would not only purchase that, but actually wear it!

Steff said...

Ugh I wasn't signed into blogger and I think I closed the window before the comment went through...so here it is again...
I LOVE The Drowning Men. I say Flogging Molly a few months ago and they opened for them. I bought the album at the show and their music is SO weird/creepy/funky/awesome!

Ruth said...

I hate standing the time at concerts. But, I seem to do that a lot and that kills my back. I think it is great to see a show with a mix of all ages of people there. I was at a show a couple years ago and there was a couple in their 80s there. They were the grandparents of one of the band members.
I have not had a burger at McDonald's in a long time. Now, I am pretty sure I won't be having another one. Eww!

middle child said...

Mac and Don's Supper Club is the absolute BEST! I could literally eat my every meal from there. And.....McRib is back.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Ugh. I don't think I would have been as well composed as you were to that couple. Also, when you sleep girl? You are so dang busy!

Julie H said...

I love the saying "fuck a duck" must work that into a conversation soon..

It amazes me how some people are still treated as a child in their 20's. I was married, bought a house, a car, and had a kid by the time I was 21.