Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Dive.

It's time for another book review, I'm back into the swing of things everyone!

The Dive- Peter David Orr
The Dive by Peter David Orr
THE DIVE is a story of a man who goes to the extreme of faking his death in order to start a new life... and the woman who saves him from himself.
   Michael and Maria are flawed, yet redeemable characters who walk a tightrope of events that seem to be ripped from the current headlines.    You will see the world through their eyes as they struggle to find meaning, love and life. Readers uniformly agree on the THE DIVE'S intensely personal realism and overriding sense of authenticity.  
   A strong narrative storyline seamlessly blends elements of intrigue, high tension and romantic suspense.

The first you get from reading this book is that the author is smart. You can tell right from the get go because of the amount of detail that goes into the book. Between the political knowledge, the rich detail of the various settings that make it almost too easy to picture it in your head, to knowing that the author probably did immense research to put this book together. I will say that all of the detail was a little overwhelming in some areas and it doesn't necessarily make it a quick read. 

But I encourage you to keep reading because under all of that detail is a story that people can relate to. You know when life gets a bit overwhelming and you think it would just be nice to start all over? Go somewhere nobody knows you, you have no history, and start all over. This is exactly what Michael toys with in the beginning of the book and how a trip overseas puts this into action after meeting, and falling in love with, Maria. 

Without getting into detail, because it would absolutely ruin it for you, I will tell you that this book is an ambitious read that you'll enjoy. If you are interested in politics, international travel, or starting all over- this book is for you. 

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Unknown said...

sounds like something i would enjoy. yay for back to you reviewing books!

Life Love & High Heels said...

Interesting book. Did you hear there's now a new app or something where you can create a goodbye video and msgs for people after you die on facebook? You can appoint "trustees" to enable this by confirming your death and then the messages will go out. Um scary!