Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finished product/tale of a glutton for punishment.

You want to see the final product of the Great Baseboard Project of 2012, don't you? OK. Here we be:

 It's a really light color carpet so it has truly brightened up my living room paired with the bright apple green and cream walls, white trim. The stairs look actually amazing.
 Doesn't the living room look a million times better???? Mind you, I have no art work or pictures on the wall yet as I'm still struggling with what the fuck I'm going to do with them. If anyone has any interior design suggestions, feel free to step up.
 This is the view if you stand from my kitchen and look towards the door. My sister in law decided last minute our door should be green instead of white, so there we go. We have a little pop of green on that wall now.
 Just ignore the fact my room is a MESS. I have no desk, hence the garbage can and papers on the floor. Plus, this is right when I woke up and I have a problem with making my bed. *Confession*

So the cubby. Oh the cubby. Well, right now it's being used to hold blankets and toys. I have no shelving, no nothing in there, stuff is just on the floor. Basically, I have no progress to report in there. But what I can report on is that when putting toys away this weekend I saw this:
 God mother fucking dammit it all to god damn fucking hell.
 The fruit of my loins, otherwise called my children, wrote all over the fucking wall in the inside of the cubby. Apparently, they thought it was a a chalk board. Olivia blamed Jackson right off the bat and I figured the random scribbles were his. But in that top picture you can clearly see someone is writing out names and words. Fuck me. SO, we're going to paint over it (obviously) and though it's not the end of the world since we haven't painted in there yet, it's still annoying because why??? WHY would they think this was OK? They are on the bad list this week.
 I am most proud of this section of the wall above the cubby. Why? Because not only did I commit to some floating shelves, I actually found cute thingies to put on them. Sure, they are more spaced out than I want, but whatever. I have some cute green things, a picture, a candle, and a weird silver mushroom. But the reason I've waited so long was because I was on the hunt for throw pillows. For some reason, my room doesn't feel complete without two cute pillows on my couch and I refused to settle.
 Until I saw these bad bitches at JCPenney this last weekend. I wasn't even going to go to JCPenney, let alone upstairs to housewares. But I went up thinking I could find some clearance clothes for the kids (fail) and on my way out I saw only two of these. All lonely on a shelf. They practically had a beam of light on them softly calling my name. Never mind one pillow was $26 and I bought two, they MATCH MY ROOM PERFECTLY therefore they are a necessary expense. My only downfall is that was with me during the purchase and almost choked on his gum. But whatever- they match the room perfectly and that means no expense should be spared!


Anyways. Oh! And the best part of it all is that while I was in Chicago and Matt pawned the kids off on his parents for the three days I was gone because it's hard to watch them on your own and do everything like I do and he just can't handle it and I say HA HA HA I am awesome and you are not, he put the baseboards in. Sure, they aren't done correctly but he says I should be happy that he put forth the effort. I know when to pick my battles because.....

The GREAT DECK PROJECT 2012 shall commence. Soon(ish).

Jigga say wha? Yeah, that's right- I am a glutton for home improvement punishment because I have decided that the free decking that has been killing my grass for the last two years needs to make it's permanent home as my deck a reality this year. That, and the back steps are detached from the house and I see an ER visit in our future with a kid if Matt doesn't get this shit rolling. And an ER visit is a hell of a lot more expensive than some decking project.


OK, so how big will this bitch be?
Tee-fucking-dah. It's kind of huge-ish? But it'll be nice! And we have enough to do the entire thing and we just need to buy some screw thingies, railing, and deck block. Oh and to rent a digger thing to dig around the foundation to put insulation in and a pneumatic jack hammer thingie to break up the steps. Which is one super gigantic hunk of stone and cement? It's super old and the neighbor called in the pros to remove it because a regular jack hammer wouldn't do the job. But you know us, we only half ass shit up in here, so Matt is determined to do it himself, which may result in an ER visit after all. But the goal is to get this done by Father's Day.

You're laughing with me, I know you are.


Carrie said...

Love the carpet. I need new carpet bad. Completely jealous. Love the shelves above the cubby. You should totally paint the walls in the cubby with chalkboard paint for the kids.

And I can't laugh about any of your home improvement projects because it is all shit I would totally try to do. By myself. Who needs to contract people to do actual real work? Not us!!

Jen Mc said...

I love the new carpet! ahhhhh a deck, sounds wonderful!

middle child said...

Love how everything looks so light and airy. You did good!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Oooh the deck. Looks tough. I wish we had room for a deck. If we had one, it would 1. Take up our entire backyard 2. Have to have a door from a bedroom. No go.

Kattrina said...

Your house is so cute! I love the carpet - it looks amazing. And of course the pillows had to be purchased, you had no choice!

Julie H said...

Everything looks great! I hope the deck project gets started and goes smoothly (wishful thinking? I know it would be for us ;))

Shirley said...

It all looks great! I can't wait until our mandatory travels are over so we can start fixing up our house.

____j said...

I LOVE the green color! It's beautiful and refreshing. I can't wait until we own our own home so we can do things like that!