Tuesday, November 4, 2014

On the cusp of 14 weeks.

Is it just you or does it feel like I have been pregnant forever? Because I'm going to be 14 weeks tomorrow and already I feel a mix between "holy crap, second trimester!" and "Jesus- will May 6 ever get here??" So here's a run down of what 14 weeks, the third time around feels like:

  • I pee a lot. And I really cannot emphasize the "a lot" enough. I don't think I ever had to pee this much with my other two. Maybe towards the way end when your baby is on the bladder, but I feel like I pee substantially more this time around. Matt's theory is that because the other two were perfectly easy, not interesting pregnancies, this one is going to give me every symptom and exaggerate them. So far, I am not impressed with this. 
  • The puking? It's getting better! I'm on day two of not puking! It's kind of great. I won't take for granted the bliss that is not puking every day. The worst was the other morning when I puked when I first got up and literally, all I puked up was water. Baby Strand and I had a little coming to Jesus discussion that if you are going to make me vomit, at least be productive. A questionable lunch? Alright, I'm fine with that. Puking for the sake of puking? That's just out of line and unnecessary. 
  • Sleeping sucks. Again, I never had issues sleeping with the other two. This time around sleep deprivation is kicking my ass. It's not even that I'm not tired- I am so tired. I purposely don't nap after work so that I can fall asleep. I hold out until 9 or 10 at night so that I can sleep all the way until 6 in the morning. None of it works. It just doesn't matter, I'll be up at 11, 12:30, 1:15, around 2:30, 3:30, 4:45 and then that's it. I'm wide awake at 4:45. Until around 6:00 and then just sheer exhaustion comes over me and I mentally weigh the pros and cons of wearing pants to work or can I be trendy and call my shirt a long dress. Though nobody would want to see that. Ever. 
  • This week marks the return of my ability to cook. I haven't cooked in weeks (no lie) and yesterday I made dinner. Matt was pretty damn surprised, but really grateful to not have to resort to sandwiches or cereal again. I couldn't eat what I had cooked, but I at least made it without vomiting. WIN. 
  • Tonight I learned that though I can cook, I cannot handle the smell or the look of ground beef. Nope. Cannot do it. So I'll be having cereal. Again. I'm kind of sick of Raisin Bran or Frosted Mini Wheats. 
  • I have officially started nesting. It's ridiculous. This didn't kick in until month six with the other two and here I am, frantically washing, folding, organizing. I'm purging things from the house at an alarming rate and Matt is concerned that his sanity is going to be at risk soon. I can't even lie, he's probably right and has cause for concern. 
That's where we're at. It's kind of a fun and exciting time. It's also a little stressful. I feel overwhelmed at times with what I still need, what I want to have done, and knowing that I don't actually have that much time. People are like, "You have until May!!  You're fine!" but I'm a planner at heart and I know that shit can hit the fan anytime. What if a huge bill comes in a month and that sets us back financially? I'd rather have all of my ducks lined up and ready to go as far in advance because it makes me feel better. And more relaxed, believe it or not. 

So here we are. I'll probably give you a belly picture in two more weeks, after my appointment. It seems to be a good trend to keep. 


ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I spent the second trimester of both my pregnancies eating oranges, carrots & cheerios because they were the only things that I didn't have an aversion to. I never got sick but that was just because I never got to eat anything. Just the smell or the look of everything put me off. Hope the not throwing up continues!

Ruth said...

I have missed something. I'll have to go back and read posts. Congratulations!

thotlady said...

Since I have never been pregnant I have nothing of value to contribute, but I am happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Your first sentence made me lol. I pee A LOT and I'm not pregnant and never have been. Sigh.

Crystal said...

I'm a planner too so I would probably feel the same way. :) Congratulations!!

Claire said...

well I never had kids so I can't really comment either way, but good luck with the peeing! :)