Monday, September 19, 2016

Lit Cube September: Haunted Hearts

By the theme title you'd think this would be more Halloween, spooky, possibly scary centered, but no. You'd be wrong. I'm assuming we're saving that for October. This theme ends up being more darker romance I guess. 

So the thing with Lit Cube now is that every month you get a book, a wearable, a snackable, and then some other goodies that go with the theme of the box. 

This month's readable is The Architect of Song by A.G. Howard, and it's the first in the Haunted Hearts Legacy series, so we'll see if the book is good enough to continue on. Our wearable is a glass necklace with pressed flowers, which is so big and kind of gawky, so it's not in my taste but my 11 year old totally loved it. The snackable was a huge disappointment, a packet of hot chocolate from Walmart. The other goodies were a mixed bag. The journal, with a quote hand picked by this month's author imprinted on the front, is easily the best thing in this box. We also got a mini feather quill and ink vial set, I'm assuming to go with the journal, but who the hell has time for that kind of crap? Then we got a gardenia scented mor soap, which again, meh. I'm not one for mini soaps and stuff so I'll pass this along to someone else. It's a mixed bag of a box, but the two more expensive things (book and journal) were pretty nice, so those alone are really the value of the box. 

If you go to the Lit-Cube website, you'll see the theme for October is "Tale As Old As Time", so obviously this will be Beauty & The Beast inspired. I'm pretty excited because I love Beauty & The Beast, and there are SO MANY amazing things hanging out in Etsy shops and online stores that would be perfect for this box, so I'm optimistic! 

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