Monday, January 13, 2020

Book Review: The Billionaire's Secrets

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The Billionaire's Secrets - J.S. Scott

Former rock star Xander Sinclair may be out of rehab, but he’s not out of the woods. Still haunted by his parents’ murders, he has secluded himself in his Amesport mansion and dodges any attempted contact from his two brothers. Struggling not to fall into relapse, he believes he’s battling his demons alone.

That is, until Samantha arrives to work as his live-in housekeeper. Effortlessly charming and cheerful and wickedly sexy, she challenges Xander to abandon his isolation. The two embark on a fiery relationship—one that could change them both forever.

Just when Xander is on the verge of reclaiming his life, he discovers that Samantha has been hiding things from him…things that could shatter the fragile future they’ve begun to build together. For Xander, escaping the past is no longer an option. It’s time to face it—even when some secrets seem too heavy for the heart to bear. 

Full disclosure, even though this is book six in the series and technically it's a stand alone, this is the only one I feel like you had to read the previous five. ONLY because Xander's story was kind of set up since book one and you learn small bits about him in each one and you really know what a hot mess he is by the time you get to this book. All of that set up made me VERY excited to read his story and it paid off because I really, really liked this one a lot. Is it my favorite? I don't think so, but it's a really great ending to these brothers.

In it we have Xander, new to Amesport, Maine on the heels of his completion of rehab for the umpteenth time. Still struggling with the death of his parents and the brutal attack of himself, Xander's brothers think a live in person to take care of the house but also be a friend to him is just what he needs. Samantha arrives with secrets of her own and with a secret motivation to see Xander work through his trauma, and she takes on the impossible task of taming the beast, so to speak.

Their tentative friendship begins to turn into more with each of them in denial and assuming the other surely doesn't feel the same (you know this trope), and when secrets start coming out they threaten the relationship and each of their recoveries from their personal traumas.

OK, I really liked this one. I know I said it wasn't my favorite of the books but still, I have kind of a soft spot for Xander because what girl doesn't want to try to save the bad boy? I think all of us at some point have tried or at least read about it. I liked Xander and I really liked Sam even though in the beginning she almost came off as TOO innocent and I was a little worried this was going to be lame, but it turned out to be the opposite. The last big "drama" in the book was a little eye roll worthy with her reaction but I'll ignore it because the overall book was good.

I'm going to give this one 4 stars.


I've only got one left in this series, but don't worry! I found another series by J.S. Scott that I'm eyeing up so this isn't the last of her! This post contains affiliate links. 


Divya @ EatTeachBlog said...

Oh this looks really good! I just finished up a mystery and am looking to start a new book that isn't so heavy! This looks like the perfect read.

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I enjoy a good series, this one sounds good on it's own but if there are other ones that help set it up I might have to check them out!

mypixieblog said...

Oooh I’ve never heard of this series before but glad you enjoyed. I’ve been reading a few odds and ends here but no series that I’ve really connected with in some time. Will have to check this out!