Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Book Review: The Rich Boy

I know I've been kind of MIA but I'm still here! I do have my trip post coming up but of course, I've waited because of Coronavirus to see if it changes at all so I might bite the bullet and just post it. We'll see.

Because you know as soon as I do something drastically changes because that's how my life rolls. In the meantime, you should read this.
The Rich Boy - Kylie Scott

I’m the type of girl who’s given up on fairy tales. So when Beck – the hot new busboy at work – starts flirting with me, I know better than to get my hopes up. Happily ever afters aren’t for the average. I learned that the hard way.

But how can I be expected to resist a man who can quote Austen, loves making me laugh, and seems to be everything hot and good in this world?

Only there’s so much more to him than that.
Billionaire playboy? Check.
Troubled soul? Check.
The owner of my heart, the man I’ve moved halfway across the country to be with, who’s laying the world at my feet in order to convince me to never leave? Check. Check. Check.

But nobody does complicated like the one percent.

This is not your everyday rags-to-riches, knight-in-shining armor whisking the poor girl off her feet kind of story. No, this is much messier.

Lets talk about the pros first:

  • I loved Alice. I really liked the characters in general but Alice was really great and I liked her from the start. She's strong and independent and won't settle and she's EXACTLY the kind of character we need more of. 
  • Even though I mention Beck is a bit much in the beginning, together with Alice, they make a great couple. 
  • This almost screams Hallmark movie, but with sex. So.. would that be Lifetime? Netflix? I don't know, but even the setting is screaming made for subscription service movie. 
  • It gave me some warm fuzzies. 

I have to be honest and talk about some not so great:

  • It started really slow for me, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep reading. I try VERY hard to read a review book all the way through because that's what I signed up to do, but this was slow. Once it got going, my interest obviously was invested so I say stick with it. 
  • Beck is immediately attracted to Alice and he's already picking out wedding stuff and the first thing that came to mind was Clinger Alert. I'm all for a guy really into you but this was a bit much. Also, he's the total opposite of what we read in a romance male character. Yeah, he's rich and sexy but he's insecure in several areas and it just wasn't my thing. 
  • The sexy areas didn't blow me away but in hindsight maybe this was aimed more at the emotional connection aspect because that's where it really excelled. 

Overall? I liked this book. I'm a fan of Kylie Scott and I feel like every one that I read from her is different but also similar to her style, and I really like that. It's nice finding an author who doesn't follow the same recipe for every book. 3.5 stars, round up to 4.

Thank you to Social Butterfly PR and Kylie Scott for sending me a copy of this and having me on the tour! Of course all opinions are my own, and this post contains affiliate links.

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