Tuesday, April 28, 2020

It would've been a good week.

I haven't really looked at the calendar much except to stay on top of book reviews because everything is obviously cancelled. It really hasn't been a big deal because we don't do much, but this was supposed to be a big week.

  • Olivia would have had high school transition night yesterday. She is going to be a freshman next year and I'm so nervous and excited at the same time, and I know she is too. I think she was looking forward to that just to learn more about high school and ask questions to calm her nerves. She's like me in that way, she wants to be as prepared as she can ahead of time and it helps. 
  • Today would have been Penelope's spring concert at school. I was going to buy her a cute spring dress to wear and she was going to sing some songs, probably have a family craft day afterwards like for the holiday concert. 
  • Tomorrow Penelope turns FIVE, if you can believe it, and no pandemic can cancel that so we'll still celebrate. 
  • Olivia would be having her final middle school band concert on Thursday. She was looking forward to that too and her songs sound amazing. I think this is the first of a few things she's sad about as she closes out her time at middle school. 
  • Friday would have been big, Penelope should have been going to Kindergarten Round Up. She would be meeting teachers and seeing classrooms. Maybe doing a craft alongside some other kids. It would help her be less scared when we (hopefully) start in the fall again. 
  • Sunday would have been a finale practice for Olivia's dance recital. The recital would have happened on May 9th, but the show I know she worked so hard for is cancelled. Well, they are doing some kind of performance on Zoom and its going to be lame and she likely can't even do it because we have zero room in the house to do it. We get zero internet in the yard so that's out. I'm so angry that our costumes can't be used next year which is a whole other thing, and Matt is livid that we're expected to shell hundreds of dollars for more costumes when we didn't get to wear these. I get it. Sigh. 
Some good things, though: 
  • Penelope turns five tomorrow and I'm so excited. She has been counting down for months and her little brain just about exploded when she realized tomorrow is the day! We have a cake for her, some presents for her, and some ice cream, of course. I think a couple of friends are going to drop something on the porch for her, too. She was really bummed that she can't be the birthday star in her little 4K class, but her teacher DID mail her a little card and she was so excited and as she put it, had "happy tears". 
  • My library/craft space/office is amazing. I know I keep talking about it but truly, it is so amazing and I'm so grateful and I thank my lucky stars Matt is so great at everything. 
  • Its getting warmer, which means I can walk outside more often. I am hoping I can find my winter hat and just got now. (It's still chilly and my ears get too cold.)
  • Twinky got to go to the groomers and thank goodness because I think he was just as nervous as I was when I told him I was going to try to give him a hair cut. 
I'm trying to write out the good and the bad every day. It's OK to get the bad out there as long as I don't dwell on it and I am able to throw up some good there, too. I hope you have some good happening, too. 


Snazzytoes said...

Hi. Just a quick suggestion to help Penelope with her shyness at school. Maybe you could get her a new doll, or just use one she has, and announce that the doll is shy and needs Penelope to help her get over it. Don’t mention about Penelope’s problem with shyness. Ask the doll what she needs in order to go out at recess successfully, and make happy endings for situations, such as other kids welcome her to play, or the doll Manages to succeed at some things but fail at other things and it’s still ok. I think practicing these social situations is key. Especially the failing part. Maybe she needs to see that nothing terrible happens if she makes a mistake. You might learn what comforting she needs by watching how she comforts her shy doll. The fact that she’s not fearful at home shows what a great environment you’ve provided for her!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

It sucks that the kids have to miss out on so much. My dance recital was supposed to be this Saturday but they plan on doing SOMETHING as soon as they can, so the costumes won't go to waste, etc. That sucks about Olivia's! Not cool. Happy Birthday to Penelope!!!


ThatUnknownBlogger said...

I think it is important to look at things in a positive way and you have lots of things going on but I still love how you have focused on some of the good things too :)

mypixieblog said...

Omg Olivia is already entering high school?? So crazy. I’m so sorry that so many things are canceled and put on hold right now. Here’s hoping this will one day very soon be a very distant memory for all of us ❤️ Good for you for finding the good during these challenging times. And wishing Penelope the very happiest birthday! I love that her teacher sent a card in the mail for her and that she cried happy tears ❤️ Hugs!!

Eli@CoachDaddy said...

You're right, about it being okay to have the good and bad. It's necessary. I've found that ignoring the bad just makes it come back worse later.

I hate that you guys are missing out on the things of spring right now. I think Camdyn's soccer season will be canceled, and she was leading the conference in scoring before the break. So much is out of our hands. I'm just trying to handle what comes as best I can.

I liked this post. And I hope the birthday day is big and awesome for you all.