Monday, July 5, 2021

Book Rundown: Love, Y'all

I have so many books I have stacked on my desk and I just can't get them all in separate posts so we're going to do a run down so you find out about them and I can borrow them out to people. Only reputable people because you know, nobody likes a book stealer/loser. 

Love Square - Laura Jane Williams

A fun romance about a lady who was unlucky in love until she just wasn't. Her prospects are literally lining up and she's having a hard time trying to decide which guy to go with. To be honest, this is a 2... maybe a 3 rounded up star read for me. If I had to pick one thing that was hard for me, I'd say it was Penny. Penny is really hard to like and I felt like she had OBVIOUS choices she should make and she's over here hemming and hawing about it. I'll also say the steamy scenes were pretty PG/not steamy at all so it almost doesn't feel like you can even call this a romance. 

How Y'all Doing? Leslie Jordan
You guys. I love Leslie Jordan so much. I started really following and learning about him during quarantine, so when I knew this was coming out I was all about it. ALL about it. I picked it up on a whim and you guys... I was kind of disappointed. Not because it's terrible but because I wanted so much more. I really wanted juicy, gossipy stories. I watch his Instagram and I would literally holler because his stories are completely wild. I just didn't think they were wild in the book. I did really love his coffee shop story when he stood up to a complete asshole because I could just absolutely picture it. I just wish there was more of it. 
OK, I think that's it for minis. I might have a couple more minis for you later this week- so stay tuned! I have other reviews for this week and I might even give you a life update. ;)

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Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm really sad the Leslie book missed the mark, I assumed, like you, that it would be full of gossip and drama and juiciness.