Monday, August 9, 2021

The Strand Six: Road trip 2021

I know I mentioned awhile ago that we were debating on where to take our road trip this year. We spent a LOT of time (I'm seriously talking over 20 hours) to plan out two options. We picked two states that were closest to us that we haven't actually visited because we wanted to cross them off of our map. 

In the end, we chose IOWA

I know, you're like, "Iowa!? What the hell are you going to do in Iowa?!" and to that I say... we only kind of have an idea. We have some places/things to do written down that as a family we thought would maybe be fun. The real bummer is we don't have a ton of time so we can't fully see Iowa, so there is like... half the state we won't see. I know that we'll have to go through Iowa to other states, so we thought we could easily do some things on other trips, so it doesn't feel like we're cheating. The other deciding factor was cost. We are really sticking to a budget and trying to still do a vacation but be reasonable with cost. Our other option was Ohio, but when we listed out everything we wanted to do in Ohio? We didn't have enough time OR money, so that was a bummer because honestly, I was pushing for that. 

But you know what? We're going to have fun. 

Though not set in stone, some things we're hoping to see/do on our road trip at some point: 

1. Jolly Green Giant Park: Honestly, you know I love a good roadside attraction, and this one is pretty close to where we'd be driving so why not plan a pee break so you can see a giant green statue? You're no friend of mine if you say no. 


2. Minneopa State Park: Specifically, I'd like to see Bison Drive and the waterfall. Penelope and Lucy told me they've never seen a waterfall (and I don't think that's true, but also, I can't think of when it would have happened so maybe they are right). 

3. High Trestle Trail Bridge: I knew the minute I saw pictures of this bridge, I had to do it. We are basically banking on plan of getting to this bridge at night so we can see it. I'm also REALLY hoping it's not sketch at all to walk around at night. This might be the first time I'm hoping for a tourist heavy time slot. 

4. Blank Park Zoo: We actually enjoy going to zoos, and I feel like we basically go to one on every trip. I also feel like the quality of a zoo really says a lot about the city its in as a whole. If it's a great zoo, I leave that city with a great feeling about it as a whole. I'm snobby like that. 

5. Science Center of Iowa: I had some kind of fever dream where we did both the zoo AND the science center on the same day. I don't know what I was thinking, but dammit if we aren't going to try. I didn't think a science center would be a big deal, but both Olivia and Jackson really wanted to do this. I guess they had such a great time at the one in St. Paul, so we're going to give it a try. 

6. A giant swinging bridge. It's actually called Lover's Leap Swinging Bridge and I just really want to see it. And maybe even walk across it. It swings eight stories high and I already know Jackson is not about that life. 

7. Dubuque stuff. Honestly, this is where I got a little sloppy and have no actual plans. Help me. 

8. National Mississippi River Museum 

I am really hoping this is pretty great because it's kind of set to be our last thing in Iowa before we come home. 

9. Bookstores, obviously. 

River Lights Bookstore and Prairie Lights Books. I'm hoping that we have time to stop but obviously if we can't... we can't. And I'll probably be sad, but I get it. 

10. Places to eat? Am I missing things that I absolutely CANNOT MISS?! 

We are super excited, we leave for our trip soon, so stay turned for adventure stories. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

It sounds like you all will have plenty to do in Iowa! I've only driven through, so I can't give tips, but it sounds like you've got a fun vacay planned!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I have never been but I hope you have a great time!! And hopefully you can make it to Ohio someday. You almost have to pick a major city or two...there really IS a lot to do in Ohio. I'm right by Cincinnati, as you know, so I can share all sorts of ideas for the future!


Meg said...

That sounds like a pretty great trip plan! I've never been to Iowa so those are all new to me.