Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Book Review: You Are Revolutionary (children's literature)

How is it even Wednesday already?! I am so grossly behind in all of the things I need to do this week that I really have no time for it to be Wednesday so yeah..... I'm gonna need to talk to management. 

I've had a couple of good doctor appointments recently, not good in the "they've solved the mystery!" but good in the "Sara, you absolutely aren't crazy" kind of way. Frankly, I think we all need to hear that from time to time. I do have a couple of book reviews for you this week and I'll talk about some other things happening around these parts.  

Up first though, a really great children's literature offering that you might want to add to your holiday shopping lists. 

You Are Revolutionary - Cindy Wang Brandt

You have what it takes to change the world!

This is the empowering message parenting author and podcaster Cindy Wang Brandt wants every child to hear and embrace. In this inspiring picture book she speaks to every child who sees injustice in the world, revealing that they already have inside themselves everything they need to make big, transformative change in the world--just as they are. Every kid is a revolutionary! You don't need to wait until you grow up. You don't even need any special skills. Kids who are loud, kids who are quiet, kids who make art, kids who are good at math, kids with lots of energy, kids who are good listeners--all kids have what it takes to make a difference.
You know I'm a sucker for a great children's book and this one is not only great, but it is incredibly timely and especially inspiring for kids who maybe feel stuck in the world. 

The story follows a little girl who notices things in her community that highlight that things aren't fair for all. In particular, she notices a homeless family, but at the same time, there are people protesting against homeless people being able to set their tents up in this particular area. To a child, the logical question is... where should they be? To adults, many consider them unpleasant to look at so they don't care where they go... just don't be here. The little girl wonders what she can do to help and the story talks about no matter your talent, whether it's your ability to write, tell jokes, do math, or more, you have something that you can do to help the cause. Not only that, but that you should help the cause, in fact, we all should. 

It makes me think of Greta Thunberg, how though she is a child, she is making a huge impact among world leaders talking and educating people about climate change. Many adults mock her and say she's just a child, but as this book shows us, sometimes children are the ones we should look to. They come to things with fresh eyes and sometimes the simpliest solution is the best one. I think this is an incredibly encouraging book for children, particularly those who maybe don't feel the like because they aren't the smartest in their class they don't have as much to offer, this book shows them that we all have something to offer, it's up to us to shows people what that is. 

I highly recommend this book, the story is just lovely. The words are easy to read, even for beginning readers, it would make a great classroom or group read-aloud. I also have to mention Lynnor Bontiagao's illustrations, which are so bright and colorful, they really set the tone for the story and are really lovely. 

Thank you to PR by the Book and author Cindy Wang Brandt for having me on this tour and sending me a copy for review. I'll include the purchase links below and as always, these are affiliate links so when you purchase I make a small amount through no added cost to you. 

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This sounds wonderful! I have a friend whose little girl is about to turn 4, and I could see her wanting this for their collection.

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