Monday, March 21, 2022

Book Review: Neon Gods

Man.... it's Monday and though I went on a trip, it feels like I didn't even really get a spring break, you know? On the other hand, having everyone go back to school this week is going to be nice, I'm excited to get back to my boring life.  

I'm also excited to read the next in this series, or literally anything by Katee Robert. 

Neon Gods - Katee Robert

He was supposed to be a myth.
But from the moment I crossed the River Styx and fell under his dark spell... he was, quite simply, mine.

Society darling Persephone Dimitriou plans to flee the ultra-modern city of Olympus and start over far from the backstabbing politics of the Thirteen Houses. But all that’s ripped away when her mother ambushes her with an engagement to Zeus, the dangerous power behind their glittering city’s dark facade.

With no options left, Persephone flees to the forbidden undercity and makes a devil’s bargain with a man she once believed a myth... a man who awakens her to a world she never knew existed.

Hades has spent his life in the shadows, and he has no intention of stepping into the light. But when he finds that Persephone can offer a little slice of the revenge he’s spent years craving, it’s all the excuse he needs to help her—for a price. Yet every breathless night spent tangled together has given Hades a taste for Persephone, and he’ll go to war with Olympus itself to keep her close…

A modern retelling of Hades and Persephone that’s as sinful as it is sweet.
You know when you see a book all over Instagram and you know you have to read it? That's what this book was for me, and I don't regret it. In fact, I want everything Katee Robert writes, that's how much I loved this book. Also, you know I love a good retelling, and one of my favorite couples is Hades and Persephone, so as soon as I saw that this is exactly what this was? I was all in. 

I was absolutely not disappointed. In this series we have Persephone, who is seemingly given over to Zeus by her mother, and this is the worst case scenario because Zeus has a reputation of basically using his wives and then they suddenly disappear forever, a fate Persephone refuses to have for herself. Suddenly she finds herself running in the night, as far away as she can, and soon finds herself approaching the River Styx. People cannot easily pass over it, and in the shadows, Hades watches the scene unfolding in front of him. He's forbidden to cross, or help anyone cross, so he just watches as this unknown woman musters all of her courage and strength to get across and away from Zeus' guards. Soon, Persephone comes face to face with Hades, the man she always wondered about, who she seemingly lusted for but she doesn't know why. 

Hades now finds himself in this internal struggle on what he should do. If he helps her, he's basically signaling to Zeus he is ready to battle, but if he doesn't, he is all but sealing Persephone's death warrant, and there is something about her... 

This is a romance novel so you can imagine what happens next. I loved this story and I love how Hades wants to come off as hard and ruthless, but all who really know him knows he is anything but. As Persephone gets to know him, she sees all of the aspects of Hades others sees, but she also becomes perplexed as to why Zeus hates him so much. But everyone knows war is coming, and when it does, Persephone knows it is up to her to save the man, and the community, she loves. 

I loved their relationship and how it unfolds, I love Hades so much, he is basically my absolute favorite kind of hero. I had the hardest time putting this one down, but at the same time I didn't want it to end. I honestly have to give this five stars because I bought book two (which is Electric Idol, the story of Eros and Psyche) after reading the first three chapters of this one, so you know I'm all in with this series. 
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