Sunday, October 23, 2022

Book Review: The Dukes Rules of Engagement

How is your weekend going? We have been busy between fitting in fall activities because the weather is unseasonably warm and winterizing the yard, so that's fun. 

Being an adult kind of blows. 

The Duke's Rules of Engagement 

Jennifer Haymore

Some matches are made in hell…

Joanna Porter loves being one of London’s hottest up-and-coming matchmakers. But her heavenly vocation is about to turn into a nuptial nightmare—thanks to the Duke of Crestmont. He’s as handsome as he is insufferable and obsessed with all things proper. Matching him would cement Jo’s status as England’s greatest matchmaker. Except, of course, the impossible-to-please duke refuses all of her most eligible ladies…confirming his status as a complete and utter pain in her petticoats.

The Duke of Crestmont can’t believe he needs a matchmaker—let alone this spitfire of a woman whose kissable mouth and dancing, impertinent gray eyes tease him ruthlessly. But the people of his estate are counting on him to find a duchess. A proper lady with a flawless pedigree and immaculate deportment. So why can’t he stop himself from wanting his pert, lively matchmaker…instead of the perfect duchess?

Now the entire ton is watching as this determined, audacious matchmaker takes on the most powerful man in London in USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Haymore’s lively new Regency romp. And this show might just be the most outrageous one yet…

If you are a fan of Julia Quinn and sucked into the Bridgerton craze, you are going to love Jennifer Haymore's latest offering, The Duke's Rules of Engagement. 

I can't say I'm a Mr. Darcy stan, but I do believe the Duke of Crestmont himself is quite possibly, the closest replica of Darcy I can remember reading. A little prickly, a lot awkward, a whole lot of reserved and enough pride to a fault. A fault that actually causes him to be in need of a matchmaker, which is where Jo comes in and honestly, she's got her work cut out for her. He's not even necessarily looking for love, basically just someone he can tolerate and honestly, I get that. Ha! I absolutely loved this book and it isn't often that a historical romance makes me squeal, but this one did it. The best part is that the.... steamy stuff doesn't wait until 3/4 of the book is done, its actually early on and the author makes innocuous things like pinky touches make your toes curl because you know dang well that if this was you, you'd have the little butterflies in your stomach leaving you wanting much more. 

My only complaint on this one is that while I appreciate good descriptions and scene setting in a historcal book, this one had too much. Easily could have pared it down a bit, but a fellow reader said I was being too picky, so keep that in mind. Maybe I'm just a brat, folks. As with every romance, we've got an almost dramatic ending but the reason why seemed... lame? I guess maybe not lame but the reaction didn't match the crime, so to speak, you know? Overall though, I really liked this one and I definitely want more from this author. I'm a fan of the snarky humor, I need something to lighten the days. 

Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Entangled Publishing for having me on this tour and sending me a copy for review! I will definitely be picking up another one from Jennifer Haymore, and if you're in the mood for some historical romance, this is a great option! 

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