Sunday, July 26, 2009

Book Review: FLIP FLOPPED- Jill Smolinski

Hey lambs, it's time for another book review! After my review of Jill Smolinski's other book, The Next Thing On My List, I had quickly put her other book, Flip Flopped on my library reserve. Well I totally forgot about it until I went to pick up books the other day and bam! There it is, waiting for me. Nice surprise.

So the book, to me, has a very similar love story as The Next Thing On My List, so much so that I could already tell the ending. Normally I would hate this, but this was such a relatable story for me that I overlooked it and kept reading. Totally glad I did because there was a few twists in it, but overall it was good. The thing that was distracting to me was the secondary story of this damn volcano that I think took away from the main storyline. That's just me though. Basically it's about a woman who is divorcing her two timing loser husband and the ensuing divorce and custody battle over their son. It's relatable because I have contemplated divorce because of Matt's bad deeds and my main reason for not divorcing? A custody battle. Ugh. I can't even fathom how I would handle that. Somehow, it seems easier to stick with him than to put my kids through that. Ugh. The high road- supposed to be glorious? Not so much. Anyways- book was good, nice fast read.

Also, I know yall saw that "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck was on my reading list. And yes, I am going to admit I am a quitter. A big one. I got approximately 20 pages in and the use of adjectives was so obscene I had to quit. I just couldn't think straight with 3 or more adjectives in EVERY. SINGLE. SENTENCE. I just can't function. It's amazing that I am over a 5th grade reading level, seriously. So I thought you know what, for a book being touted as a "modern day Book of Genesis" I'm not feeling like I'm missing out. I don't go to church (GASP!! The horror), and I don't know what that book is, and certainly never read it. (Simma down ladies and gents!). It's not like I have Satan as a roomie or anything. I just figure church vs. being lazy or scrapbooking. Yah, pretty much choose lazy/scrapbooking. OK, so in reality I'm really cleaning my bathroom on Sunday mornings THINKING about scrapbooking or how I'd like to be lazy. :)

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Good book! Enjoy your reads...