Sunday, July 19, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

Before I even start this review I have to just say upfront that I think Oprah is a very lovely woman. She obviously is very successful to have lasted this long in such a fickle industry. With that being said, let me give my 2 cents on her 2008 Oprah Book Club pick The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. (I am not putting on protective gear to hopefully prevent any injuries from projectiles thrown at me because of my review).

I hated the book (I'm ducking right now). I really did. I also should say that I usually don't like Oprah's picks because they are too mushy mushy, supposed to be life altering, etc. I just can't get into that shit. Also, the book is set in Northern Wisconsin (where I am living) and that's just weird. I don't know- perhaps I'm just weird and picky. But the book is LONG. Like when I picked it up from the library and saw how huge it was, I silently prayed (ok- so by that I mean I said, "Holy shit! I hope this is large print!"). Well, it wasn't large print and suddenly for the first time in years I felt like it might take me the 3 week check out period to finish the damn thing. It also should be said that if I can't get "hooked" on the book in the first chapter, I pressure myself to quit. BUT, it is on my Summer Reading List, so I can't be a quitter. So I read it, finished it, and felt like throwing the book against the wall because I HATED the ending. Fuck you David Wroblewski for ruining it for me. Here I am, rooting for god damn Edgar to prove what an ass Claude is, and take over the dog breeding farm thing they've got going on- and you fucking ruined it for me. Screw you, Dave.

OK- so on a less dramatic note... I started a new book that I thought would be funny and uplifting. Yah- guess what? It isn't, but it's GREAT and I can not wait to finish it and give you the review. What's it called? The Leisure Seeker. Doesn't that freaking sound fun? And the cover has a 1978 Leisure Seeker RV on the cover speeding down the highway. I'm pretty snobbish when it comes to books and I totally judge books by covers (because really? If you can't spend the time to put a cool cover on your book how hard did you really work on it????). Anyways- Yall should know one of my dreams is to someday get an RV and make Matt drive it to stupid random places. And I'm all about stupid roadside tourist traps. :) OK- so I'm almost done with it, so watch for the review probably this week sometime. Later lambs!

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Maggi said...

I can't say anything because I've never gotten into anything to do with Oprah. lol Sorry the book sucked!