Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Jennifer/Blog Contest

I got your box today.

um- yeah, you used a LOT of tape. :) Thank god I have a 4 and 16 month old to help me. Except then Jackson (the 16 month old) got it stuck on his face, and so his sister, (the 4 year old) ever so helpful ripped it off, and crying/screaming ensued. Then he pushed her and pulled her hair. I don't know what really happened next because I was too busy looking inside of the box. :)

Holy Shit!!! 5 Books?! You are a ROCKSTAR and my new favorite person.

Now some of you are probably wondering who the fuck is Jen and why are you getting books? Free ones? In a box with a lot of tape on it? Which turned you into a horrible mother for about 10 minutes while drooling over the new books?

um, yeah- I'm cool enough to get a handwritten note. No need to bow down- but yah- admire it. Be all jealous. And Jen?? LOVE your handwriting!

Well Jennifer works in an New York.. doesn't William Morrow & Harper Collins Publishing mean anything to you? No? Well then you are a freaking loser and you should just school yourself. But if you do, you are awesome (not as much as me right now) and you should just be jealous. I was actually contacted via email by Jennifer because of this post about a fantastic book that I still believe EVERYONE needs to read because it is that good. I promise. Anyways, so she found my blog (which really? Is bizarre and random, but awesome) and it totally made my day. OK, let's just be honest here- made my last two months. She gave me some really cool starting points since I'm writing my first book which is going to be a memoir about my 30/30 list and my slow but scary progression towards aging.

And for those who say, "Hey Sara, um, yeah? Your list isn't finished"- I say be patient bitch. I'm working on it. I've got 3 more spots to fill on my handwritten list which WILL BE DONE AND POSTED THIS WEEKEND. But if you have any really fun/scary activities that you think would be fun to watch me do and document- leave me a comment, I just might add it. (And let me just state right now, that something like "streaking down the street" is not going to happen. Because really? NOBODY wants to see that happen. Not even my husband I'm sure)

So anyways- Because she found my blog, loved/appreciated my review I got some really cool bonus books for which I am THRILLED about. And no, I'm not giving out her name or email address. Or anyway to contact her. I am going to be completely freaking selfish. :)


OK, so you all are really here for the contest, aren't you?? Well luckily I'm a giver (see, I can be something other than a bitch..really I can) so I decided that I can't rightfully hoard everything. So if you want to win one of these books- you must do the following:

1. Post a Comment

2. Become a follower (if you aren't already)

3. Post a link on your blog back to mine about the contest

I will randomly pick a winner on September 15 (because I'll probably get most of them done by then).

And thank you Jennifer for being awesome at your job, actually responding to my emails which probably made you question my sanity, and for literally making my July & August. You are awesome!


E said...

OMG, you got free books! I want to be in that club!

Me = J.E.A.L.O.U.S

I am so glad I just found your blog through 20SB.

Iva Messy said...


YAY!! so glad you got such a beautiful package! :)

Jen Mc said...

OMG - that is SO cool!!!! Enjoy the books.

Have a great weekend!

Sony said...

Hi Sara!

Thanks for adding me. The best thing to receive thru the mail are handwritten letters and books. You've received both! Rock on.

Jen said...

Yeah, I'm totally jealous about the free books too. I wish I'd get mail other than junk mail! lol...but free books...that's crazy awesome.

S said...

I'm following you ... !

I commented ... !

And wud post back a link too ... !

And i'm in the race :D

Jess D said...

You are waaay toooo funny! I love your blog, Sara! Been reading it for a while.

Congrats on the attention your blog is getting! And cool new FREE books! I love FREE anything, but FREE books just never happen for us regular folk.

I'd post a link but I don't blog. My life is nothing anybody wants regular updates on... lol BORING!

Later =)

Jen said...

Wow, you most assuredly lucked out! Five books for free for just a review? That's totally awesome :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would love to enter your contest!

Mind if I borrow your idea and have my own book giveaway??


It's Just Me said...

Hey there Ms Smart Ass... (lovin that by the way) I found your blog through Charmed, because she beats me silly if I don't do exactly what she tells me to do. Way cool contest! Many props, what-ups, and shout outs to you!

PS: I recently went to our local Museum of History and saw one of those "handwritten" notes, that you speak of, up close. Amazing how barbaric prehistoric men and women were huh?!?

ecojotter said...

très cool! just found you via 20SB :)

what a great story and what an awesome thing to share the love!

Pinay in Dutchland said...

other book lover. ill follow.

Pinay in Dutchland said...

i'd like to have those books too. mind if i get jennifer's email? hahahaha. anyway, love your site. will join your contest as well, i want to get my hands on those books.

Rachel said...

Aww! What a fun giveaway! Sign me up! :)

Deepika said...

can u believe I didn't see the third point, of linking something back to tis blog?? I am a follower! and I loove ur blog!! I remember when I got a free board game once.. and all i did was play it with whosoever came home - coz that was my most special "free" game!! :D and thanks for the tattoo advice.. tooo!!

hugs!! n luv!!

Anonymous said...

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