Saturday, January 9, 2010

Book Review (kind of) The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

I think we know and remember how much I love me some unrealistic men. (that would be HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.) Some might think this would be an unhealthy obsession because the likelihood of finding a man that incredibly gorgeous AND attainable is impossible. But I totally agree because Matt? Is nothing like any of them. *sigh*. Don't think I haven't tried to fix that, he seems to be untrainable.

But a friend from high school named Sam posted on my Facebook a week ago about how fabulous the book series, The Mortal Instruments were and maybe because of my never ending ranting and raving about True Blood, Robert and my apparently unhealthy obsession with these prompted her to think I need another obsession. And damn you it worked because I? Am in love with Jace Lightwood. Forget he's 17. I'm sure he's at least 19 by now if this were real life. And that would make me kind of cougar right, if I'm almost 28?? No? Well whatever. It'd still be hot.

The books are wonderful. I bought the first one and my husband immediately said, "Well I guess I'll be seeing you somtime" as he proceeded to feed our kids dry cereal for supper. And I? Was totally ok with that because within the first chapter I am madly in love with Jace. Damn you Cassandra Clare for making me believe through 2 1/2 books that secret you wrote! Damn you. I almost passed out. Seriously, I should for fun have my blood pressure periodically checked during reading books such as these. I'd be off the charts. But it's worth it.

And I kid you not- if a super hot guy came to me, all saving me and shit- I would leave Matt for hunky guy. Because I? Have always wanted that really. Well, not to be in a situation where I'd need to be saved. Obviously. But a guy that is so devoted to you. Like you are it- the world and everything in it. Some women would be overwhelmed with that. But I wouldn't. I think I'd thrive in that. I know Matt loves me but dang. Not like that. Not ever. It isn't realistic to think that exists or if it did that I'd ever find it. But dang- that's what dreams are for. Right?


anne said...

found you through "on my bookshelf" at 20sb - love your blog!! :) what woman wouldn't want to be swept off her feet and saved at some point? it's just lovely!

i'm going to have to give this mortal instruments a try :)

Jenn said...

I LOVED the Mortal Instrument series. I brought the first book with me on vacation and couldn't wait to get back to get the next one. I love the series and how it all ties up at the end.