Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book Review: THE LATE, LAMENTED MOLLY MARX by Sally Koslow

Book review time! So this past weekend I actually got two books read, both of which I'll review for you, but this is the first one.

Somehow I have managed to snag, I kid you not, 5 books in the last month that have either a Jewish theme or a bunch of Jewish characters. Is this a sign? I'm not sure.
But this book was interesting. Best book ever? No. Good read? Sure. I can't remember where I heard of it, but I think it was from Jen Lancaster's summer reading list. But I can't be sure. All I know is that this was on my to-read post it note and I can now throw that note away. :)
So this book is about Molly Marx who you learn right away is dead. It's interesting because while she's learning the ropes about being dead she can watch in on her friends, family and daughter from above. Not only does she now have a blatant "bull shit detector" but she can read minds basically. How she dies is evident- it was a biking accident but she doesn't know how it happened. Or doesn't remember. So while she's looking down she's trying to figure out what happened to her.
You learn about her slut husband who cheats on her basically from the word go, how she gave birth alone, how she falls in love with another man but feels guilty, and ultimately- how she died. It was interesting. It wasn't one of those books that I had a hard time putting down, but it was one that would be interesting for a book club.
I was fascinated because although her husband cheats on her, she doesn't/won't leave him. Even though she falls in love with another man and has an affair with him. It's relatable in the way that you feel how she is torn between these two men. It's not that her husband is abusive, but he just can't keep it in his pants. But the other man well, he loves her. Passionately. And I think that if it were me, I might struggle with that too.
So if you are looking for something that isn't super heavy but just a fun read- this is a good choice.


Danielle said...

Thanks for writing book reviews! I really enjoy them because its often where I find my next read! I have some on my blog as well, feel free to check it out!!! This story sounds so interesting, definitely will go on my list for more books to read!

Jen Mc said...

Interesting - I might have to check this out.
Thanks for the review.

Nikolett said...

I'm definitely looking for a fun read now that school's started up again, so thanks for this! I'll try to find it at the local library/bookstore :)

Jandy xx said...

Hi gorgeous! I've finally found the time to check out your blog and everything I've missed from the past three weeks. You crack me up women, your the funniest person i know!!! like the car in the last enrty, i saw a few hot beasts like that in LA! oh and thank you for all my comments, they mean the world to me! next trip though, we're so meeting in Vegas.. and I can't wait!!! love ya guts xx