Sunday, September 4, 2011

Red Right Return and GIVEAWAY!

I love reviewing books but I love it even more when I get to give a copy away to one of my readers.

Red Right Return- John H. Cunningham
Red Right Return

Buck Reilly wants only three things out of life: A plane to fly, a treasure to find, and a beautiful woman to rescue. He’ll get his chance at all three in the first of John H. Cunningham’s new thriller series, RED RIGHT RETURN. Set against the stunning scenery and freaky fabulousness of the Florida Keys, Cunningham joins the ranks of Carl Hiaasen, Randy Wayne White and Papa himself in a rich new series for thrill seekers everywhere.

But Buck Reilly’s no ordinary hero. A product of his times and ours, too, he’s laying low and trying to fly under the radar in the aftermath of economic catastrophe. Back in his bad old days on Wall Street, Buck ran e-Antiquity, plundering the world’s treasures, (and a few of his investors’ pockets) for some pretty handsome profit. He wasn’t a bad guy back then; he just didn’t know any better. But life turned ugly when the market crashed, the company cratered and the FBI investigated the bankruptcy. When his marriage ended and his parents were killed in a car crash, Buck found out for certain that business wasn’t just business anymore.

These days, Buck’s a lot like the rest of us—trying to make ends meet and hoping for better times. He operates The Last Resort Charter and Salvage Company, flying a 1946 amphibious Grumman WidgeonSantero priests, the underbelly of the Havana underworld and a pissed-off FBI agent, Buck has nothing but ingenuity, guts and his ancient flying boat to save his skin, and the lives he put in peril.

Super good book. It's a short read at only 280 pages that I basically zipped right through because I read a lot faster than I already do on my Nook. This book is also one you can't put down because for this being Cunningham's first novel, it is full of twists and turns that you would expect out of a thriller mystery. A few of the things I absolutely loved about the book- the setting. I'm a fan of Florida and I've always wanted to get to Key West. Buck. At times I wanted to be annoyed with Buck but I just couldn't. He's written as an every day guy who's made some bad decisions but would like to just move on with life and hope for the best. How he keeps getting himself more and more tangled into the web of Santeria, Cuba, and a failed missionary trip is beyond me. But it was enjoyable to read because just when you think he's figured it out, there are a few more curveballs that don't make any sense. Though I suspected who the bad guy was in the end, I was nowhere CLOSE as to why. And that was kind of fun because that doesn't happen so often. The only thing I felt disappointed about was the ending. I understand why it was ended at that moment, it totally opens it up for a sequel, but I wish that I had more closure as a reader. No doubt this author will come up with an equally good book the next time around, that's for sure. It's really refreshing to read an author who actually knows the information because you can feel the difference when you read it next to an author who's only simply researched it.

So overall, it was a good book and a fast read. If you like a mystery/thriller then this would definitely be for you. And I'm lucky enough to give one of my readers an ebook version of Red Right Return AND a $10 Amazon, Barnes & Noble or ibooks/itunes giftcard. Couly you BE any luckier?

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment with your email on this post. AND be a member of my blog through GFC. I will draw a winner on Tuesday, September 7!

Good luck!


Tammy B said...

Hmmm. No one interested in the book? I would give it a try. I love a good mystery/thriller!

Steff said...

Gah, I missed it! WTF.