Thursday, May 17, 2012

Deck, Shitty Gardening, and Matt's new motivation.

I know you want another deck progress report and I aim to please bitches. This weekend we had a massive yard sale and with our earnings, we bought some stuff for the house. This means I learned what stair stringers were. And then Jeebus gave us stairs.
Look at that four foot section of stairs!
We still need to put the stair railings on, but hey- at least I don't have to jump off the deck to take the garbage and recycle out!
But you're probably curious about Matt's solution for the gap?
As it turns out, there was no solution. So the gap will remain forever and ever. I tried not to be angry about this obvious fuck up. So I took it out on my planter.
Every year I start with good intentions on this planter and every year it's a mother fucking fail. But since the lovely Shannon is all hard core about yard care, I figure I need to give it another try. So I pulled out everything in it, put new soil in it, and some petunias.
So far, the petunias are still alive. But check back in a month, I bet they will be dead. Sorry petunias.

In other news, I have been thinking of new ways to motivate Matt to continue with the home improvement projects. And then yesterday, a crazy woman in Superior gave me the idea I needed.
On 21st Street in Superior, this bitch took it to the next level. As it turns out, her divorce that she filed last July finally became final this week. And so to celebrate, she put her ex husband's stuff out in the yard, decorated his junker truck, and then hid out in her house.
Because you know hoards of people came by to take pictures.
And apparently, the pile of shit was much larger earlier in the day and people actually were taking things off of the pile.
At the end of the afternoon, the truck ended up being towed. The sad part is that they have kids and so that's shitty. I mean, kids don't need to know that their dad is a fucking cheating douchebag, but on the other hand- I want to buy this lady a beer. How many women have been angered and wronged... and wanted to do this? I think we've all been there and most of us didn't have the guts to do it. So good for her.

Matt feels a little more motivated, so good for me as well.


Ryan Adair said...

Hahaha aha aha.. Omg. Wish you were my best friend. That's all. :)

Unknown said...

how's the sink going?

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

1. The deck looks awesome.
2. Just shove a planter/pot in front of the gap and no one will ever know the difference.
3. If Andy ever wrongs me, I will most definitely be doing this.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I agree, a planter, maybe with a trellis will cover that gap nicely. Congrats on getting it all done!

And I love what she did to the truck.

We are stalled on the mud room project due to an unexpected permit related issue. SO now I have to call it a 'covered porch' because 'mud room' implies something different & the requirements are different. Government BS at it's finest.

Ruth said...

I think a good idea for the gap would be to take some wood and size it to fit in the space. Paint something really awesome- or even let the kids help- and than secure it in the space. Matt could make a frame and fit in in there and paint two pieces of wood, 1 for the outside of the deck and the other for the inside and when those are done , nail them over the frame.

____j said...

We definitely saw that on the news last night while we were eating dinner. And I pointed to Aaron & said, 'You see that? That's a woman scorned.' And he just looked at me with a slightly scared look on his face and continued eating haha.

Ang said...

That lady is an inspiration to us all!

I like the stairs!
AND, my mom came and planted some flowers for me yesterday, petunias being in the mix, she told me that they don't mind dry conditions, so while it's good to water them, if you forget, they won't die :) score! Also, make sure you pull of the dead flowers (as they bloom and die), because new blooms will come)

FinnyKnits said...

That is fucking amazing. I'm going to REDDIT the pants off of this photo at 189 Woman Scorned St. Thank you, Sara - you do good.