Monday, June 18, 2012

Brand New Human Being GIVEAWAY

Can I just say that I finished this book in under three hours? Because it's true.

Brand New Human Being - Emily Jeanne Miller

Meet Logan Pyle, a lapsed grad student and stay-at-home dad who’s holding it together by a thread. His father, Gus, has died; his wife, Julie, has grown distant; his four-year-old son has gone back to drinking from a bottle. When he finds Julie kissing another man on a pile of coats at a party, the thread snaps. Logan packs a bag, buckles his son into his car seat, and heads north with a 1930s Louisville Slugger in the back of his truck, a maxed-out credit card in his wallet, and revenge in his heart.
After some bad decisions and worse luck, he lands at his father’s old A-frame cabin, where his father’s young widow, Bennie, now lives. She has every reason to turn Logan away, but when she doesn’t, she opens the door to unexpected redemption—for both of them.
Almost immediately this book reminded me of Fathermucker. I keep reading books written in a dad's point of view hoping I would get some insight into what goes through Matt's head, but still I feel like I'm not quite getting it. Nonetheless, this book is good. It has a subtle humor to it and if you're a parent you'll get it. You will know the frustration Logan feels when his son goes through a baby phase, for example. 
Anyone who is married is going to relate to Logan and Julie. Though the ended up married in a maybe not so conventional way, they both adore their son but it isn't always enough. After the loss of his dad, Logan is kind of in a funk and sees Julie working more and drifting further away. I know from personal experience that marriage with kids isn't always awesome even less so when you start throwing other stress into it, it's easy to drift away and shut down. 
Probably what I loved most about this book is that you find yourself rooting for Logan the whole way. As a mom I completely cringed when he did or said certain things to his son but I felt for the guy. He's stressed out, he's questioning his role in the family, and he wants so badly for things to get better but he's lost. I really liked this book because it just hits home. Oftentimes I find myself lost in my own life and marriage and I want it to be better but I'm not always sure what path to take to get there. 
What's really cool is I'm able to offer one copy to one of my blog readers (US/Canada only, no PO boxes)! Here's how to win your own copy: (Make sure you leave me your email address so I can contact you. 
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Anonymous said...

Wow, you really flew through this one! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for being on the tour.

Kathy said...

GFC Follower.

Kathy said...

Biggest challeng...restarting our relationship as empty nesters.

Carl Scott said...

Hi Sara

Just started following on GFC: (Carl Scott). I'd love to get a copy of this new book. Thanks.

Biggest challenge: For us - communication, always communication. Just keep talking to each other.

Email: carlscott(at)prodigy(dot)net(dot)mx

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