Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Sparrow and the Hawk

First up, come here tomorrow to see Meg's guest post about her book. You'll have a chance to win your very own copy.

The Sparrow and the Hawk
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Jillie Harte, AKA the Sparrow, a filmmaker, is an agent for the NAS (Normal, Abnormal, Strange) Agency. She must find The Carmaletta Choker before it destroys the world. To get close to Franklin Doherty, suspected of having the choker, Jillie is producing a film on “Decoration, Fashion and Accessories Throughout History,” featuring Franklin’s antique collection.
Like the Sparrow, Griff, AKA the Hawk, posing as Jillie’s new cameraman, needs to retrieve the choker. As a shapeshifter, he feels certain of success.  But he doesn’t bargain for a sassy, sexy redhead—or for his urge to settle their differences in bed.
Griff and Jillie must overcome dark forces, and face their developing relationship.
And they thought saving the world from evil and chaos was hard!!!!
Well, you know I love me some paranormal when it comes to books. It's actually a genre I thought I would hate and then along came Twilight and then I found out I actually really like things that involve bizarre creatures. Go figure. 
Here's what I loved about this book: 
  • It's a fast read. I finished it in about 7 hours and it would have been faster had I not had a kitten attacking the pages as I read. 
  • The story pulls you in immediately. You know how some books start with giving you a lot of preamble before the actual meat of the books starts? Not the case here. Right away Jillie gets her assignment and she's on her way. 
  • I don't know how I feel about Griff so much... but you have to read it and tell me your thoughts. I might have to re-read it again to see if maybe I am just "meh" on him because I am PMS'ing and crabby. But how it ends with Griff made me a little annoyed at him, but it obviously hooks you to read the next book in the series. 
  • This book is actually funny. THANK YOU for not making a ridiculously serious story line and just nothing but action. I liked that humor was brought in at times where, if this were really happening, it's where humor would occur. And it's subtle humor where it's not trying to be hilarious, just regular folk banter and it's done well. 
  • I also like how some of the story lines were a little predictable but then always had a twist. I knew something from the get go was fishy about her mother but then once you find out what it is, whoa. But I'm not convinced that's all of it, that more is coming in the other books. 
  • Lots of dialogue. Call me a sucker- but I like a lot of dialogue between characters in my books because it actually makes it faster to read for me and have a better chance at mentally playing the story out in my head. 
Things I didn't love about this book: 
  • I struggle with books with a lot of characters or a lot of background information to think about. I know it adds layers to the book but sometimes it can take away. 
  • I hate how grossly unprepared Jillie is for a lot of what her job entails. I know she works for the FBI of bizarre things essentially- but I feel like she'd have more up her sleeve to do her job. There's a part where she wonders what creatures with witch like powers would know about her. Granted, she can't be the best of the best and have every super power because that would be unrealistic, but still. I feel like she should have something worthwhile. 
Overall? I'd give it 3/5 stars. It's not the best book I've ever read but it's a solid debut and start to a promising series. I feel like we're going to hear from Meg in the future and it'd be kind of cool to say you read her books when she first started out. 

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