Monday, May 5, 2014

Ugh.... feeling like poo and 26.99%?!

With my surgery coming up in June, I'm trying to get as much stuff done ahead of time so I'm not worried about being an absolute lump on a log once I have it. I'm fairly certain I won't want to do much for at least a few days, so I'm planning accordingly basically.

Because I have a bone infection right now, the oral surgeon put me on an anti-biotic (Augmentin) to take from now until then and probably a little beyond. Augmentin is no joke. I know there are even stronger antibiotics out there but hot damn. I was on this earlier this year because of my face and I got sick for nine weeks after that, not related. Except now I'm thinking that maybe my bout of vomiting for three days wasn't just the flu, I think it was the medicine. I'm back on it and I swear to you, I feel like death. I feel like I'm on the verge of getting full body flu and I have non stop nausea. Within minutes of taking it I will either throw everything up from the day or feel like it.

Cue cold sweats, feeling like I have a fever coming on and let us not forget- the yeast infection from hell. In which I can't take anything for. It's going to be like this for all of May and most of June.

Also I get to deal with my never ending period and my ultrasound for that is next week. I just hope all of these weird symptoms is from the medicine and not something worse.

But in order to prep for my surgery, I have to figure out how to pay for it. It's just shy of $4000 for both surgeries, and I don't have that kind of money. So my next option is Care Credit. Which is great, I qualify, but holy HELL, the interest rate? 26.99%. Good god. I can't even fathom that. Here's hoping we win the lottery between now and oh... June 19.


Unknown said...

I know when I take antibiotics for extended periods of time it can lead to some not so nice lady bits problems. Taking a probiotic helps with that. trying to help a sister out.

Kattrina said...

Ugg, that is the worst. I thought that Care Card had 0% interest for a year or something? Can you pay it off with a no-interest credit card or something? I hope it works out. And when I take flagyl, I have the same reaction. Antibiotics are the worst!!!

Unknown said...

Ugh, I can't even imagine how miserable this all this for you. Between like mega sickness and the money side of things... I completely drained my savings (no joke, I only have $100 in there right now) to pay for my bridge and now I'm just struggling to even get through to the 15th. I'm highly considering when I get back from CA in July applying for a $9k personal loan or a debt consolidation loan so I can pay off all my credit cards and just pay that. Because what's one more loan when I already have 6??? (5 student loans and my car loan)

Screw money. I'm going to sell everything and live in the woods.