Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Diaper changing table makeover- not even a Pinterest rip off!

You've been hearing me say I'm going to show you this diaper changing table I rescued from being ugly to being super duper cute. And it's true! I really did! I also didn't rip something off of Pinterest, I did this sucker all on my own

So it starts off way back in July. I see this super ugly diaper changing table on a Facebook garage sale site for $30. I haggle the lady down to $20. (Which, not really because nobody else wanted this ugly ass hospital reject looking thing.) 

Look at you, you ugly little thing. And you smell. Shame on you. 

But then I started working. I knew that I wanted the bedroom to be an ocean theme room so I figure maybe if I painted the metal rails a brown/almost sand color, that would work. It came with a "pad" which reeked so bad and was torn up and obviously not the one it was meant to be with because it didn't truly fit. So my first search was to find a fabric I could make a pad out of, but something I could easily wipe. 

And I found it. I found this really funky multi color plastic like fabric and it was on clearance. I bought some poly foam squares, some spray adhesive and had Matt cut me a super thin piece of random wood he had in the garage to fit the top of the changing table.
First thing was to make sure my foam fit my board. It did, thankfully, on first try. I sprayed the hell out of the back of the foam and adhered it to the board. I let that sit for awhile to set, but I also put a bunch of pots and pans and random heavy things on it so I would make sure it stuck.
Next I sprayed the board and the foam with more adhesive and essentially wrapped it like a present
And because I cannot work a glue gun and nobody is going to see the bottom, I used duct table to double make sure my fabric doesn't come off. But I also put heavy things on it to set overnight.
After three coats of spray paint (to cover all of the white and the rusty colored spots that weren't rust), here's what it is.
 Except... it felt naked.
And I had left over blue spray paint that I had used on a project in Olivia's room and I thought, what the hell. Spray the shelves!
Isn't it pretty? So we have three blue walls (the color of the shelves) and one green wall (shown here, it's like a key lime green color). 

But stay tuned, this bedroom is really kicking ass and I have more to show you. Soon. 

But this was a super easy project. And if this project looks similar, it's because I used the same technique to make the bench in my porch (here). Which, after all of this time and two winters so far, it's held up really well. The versatility of being able to just wipe it off is really nice too. Especially in a baby's room because as we all know, shit happens


Unknown said...

Look at you, you're just another Martha effin Stewart. :P


Gini said...

That is super cute! I like it WAY more than other generic changing tables I've seen. Nicely done!

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Whew look at you! That's adorable!

Unknown said...

Oh I want to do something similar but turn it into a tea storage area. This has me inspired!

Anonymous said...

Looks great, girl! So fun and colorful!

Cynthia said...

Wow, nice job! I love it!
Cynthia @craftoflaughter

Shann Eva said...

You totally transformed it! It looks awesome. I love it!