Friday, September 11, 2015

The Same Deep Water excerpt tour!

Sometimes, believing the lies we tell ourselves is easier than dealing with the truth.

Once, I wanted to die. That was the night I met Guy.
The strange man with flowers stepped from the shadows and saved my life.

Guy. Dimpled smile. Body of a surf god. Smart and funny. Running out of time.

We became travelling companions through life, ticking off items on our bucket lists. I'd hidden from happiness for years and kept my life under strict control. Guy showed me how to step into the world and experience more, he brought light into the shadows and helped me through the darkness.

I became Phe again. I lived.

There's just one problem.

We fell in love and this wasn't part of our plans.

I thought we could face the future together, but Guy has a secret which changes everything.

The Same Deep Water is a standalone New Adult romance set in Western Australia.

The purple and blue of the Milky Way leads a pathway through the night sky, bright and surreal; they rise behind the tall rock formation adding to the sensation of sitting on another planet. I tip my head back and the bright stars above fill the darkness and dizzy me.
Youre quiet, says Guy.
Ive never seen anything so beautiful, I whisper. I cant believe this is so close to where I live.
Technically, what youre looking at is light years away.
I elbow him. You know what I mean.
Guy wraps an arm around my shoulder and I shuffle across the roof so he can hold me closer. How incredibly sad that something so beautiful shines the brightest just before it dies, he says. Some of the stars are long gone, with the light from their death just reaching us.
Dont say that. The stars appear to swarm across the sky and I focus, wishing for a shooting star. The stars arent all dead.
New stars are born all the time, therell be many burning at this moment that we cant see yet because their light hasnt had time to reach us. He laughs softly. I tell you to forget the past and were looking straight at it.
Stop analysing what could be a romantic moment, I say with a sigh.
Out here were alone, kissing under the light of thousands of stars. He tips my face toward him and places a gentle kiss on my mouth. In a world where Im disconnected from everything but you. Is that romantic?
“Better.” I touch his lips then look around. “We could be on Mars.”
We could, but Id rather not.
I pull away and lie back attempting to make out the constellations around. Youre right, I do feel disconnected. Looking at whats out there we know nothing about is overwhelming.
Why are you afraid? asks Guy as he lies next to me, staring upward too.
Im not afraid.
Were both afraid of life and what it has to offer when really we should just be together.
I twist my head to him. But you do that. You live for today.
Guy continues to look upward and takes hold of my hand. Todays like this, yes. Other days, Im afraid. I worry that Ive made another bad decision.
What about?
Lots of things.
I squeeze his hand. Can we stay with the stars?
“If tomorrow we can watch the fire of a new dawn.” Guy says the words quietly, as if talking to himself.
Why are you always so serious in the dark? I whisper and touch his cheek.
Because you cant see me properly.
I think I see more of you than you realise.

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This looks really good! Reading is literally my all time favorite thing to do so I always appreciate a good book review!