Friday, May 20, 2016

28 weeks

Now that I'm getting bigger, the pregnancy updates are a bit more fun. I mean, I at least feel pregnant versus fat and and sad.

28 weeks

This week I had my glucola test for gestational diabetes and I totally passed. It was a bit harrowing though because it doesn't matter how many times I've done this, you are just never ready for the disgusting drink. You can sip it, you can chug it, it doesn't matter because it's foul and nobody enjoys it. Apparently, Monday was THE day to do this because the waiting room was full of other ladies doing the test at the same time so honestly? We could have clinked bottles and chugged in unison. Instead, clearly a first time mom chugged hers like I have never seen done before and seemed OK. I chugged mine in under two minutes (a personal best) and I was immediately regretting it. Several others followed after me, we all bring out empty bottles and timers back and wait out the next hour before our finger poke to see who was going to get the all clear. 

Within minutes of sitting back down to watch an hour of Flip or Flop on HGTV, I hear the tell-tale noise of someone gagging. I don't look because if I look, I know I will gag and I'm already on the brink so I'm trying to not look, I've started humming to myself to drown out the noise and it's no use. The first one to drink the drink ran to the garbage can and proceeded to throw up. Which is bad enough, but this office is in the lower level of a building so there are no windows to crack and now we all smell her vomit despite the fact a nurse came out to grab the can and change it, and bring her back because she now probably has to come back a different day. 


But I'm not sitting there breathing through my mouth, face tucked into my sweater, eyes closed, doing everything I can to not vomit in solidarity. I don't do well with bodily fluids anyways but vomit is like my achilles heel. I'll vomit on command if I have to. I just don't do well. It was literally the longest hour of my life. 

Finally I got called back there and it was the best feeling to have clean air. Sure, it smells like band-aids and first aid cream, oddly, but it's better than vomit. I got my finger poke and I'm totally not diabetic. As it turns out, I am anemic, which is basically my normal but I still have to sit through the "how to get more iron into your diet" despite the fact I take a prescribed supplement and eat as many iron rich foods as I can. 

Everything else appears to be right on track, though. I'm developing varicose veins on my legs so I look like I have old lady legs... at age 34. It's super cute. She said they might go away but probably not so just enjoy them. Awesome. Other than that, cervix is still closed (yay!) and things are fine. Fetus four hardly moves at all, which apparently isn't concerning to my doctor at all, but it's kind of a let down for me. I really enjoy feeling the baby move, kick, push, all of that and the fact that this is my last pregnancy (no, seriously, it is), I'd really like to be able to enjoy that. But... apparently not. My only hope is that maybe I have just a super chill baby and this won't be such a nightmare when she's born? 

She's still nameless. We have it narrowed down to two ideas, though: 

Eloise Barbara James
Lucy Louise James

After a quick Facebook poll, we eliminated Sophia even though it was popular among Facebook voters. I decided I don't like writing a cursive S, so it's out. 

We're firm on the middle names, it's just the first name we're stuck on. We're 50/50 on Eloise or Lucy so yeah. Thoughts? What's your vote? Fetus four cannot be named Fetus Four and my mom would like me to stop referring to the baby as fetus four, so help us out. 


Christy said...

I really like Eloise, but for the reason you eliminated Sophia, Eloise would be out for me-I don't like cursive S E or F. Ha!

And I really truly have always loved the name Lucy.

Ruth said...

I do like Lucy.
Eloise will probably mean she will get called Ellie at some point.