Friday, May 27, 2016

Yes, Please

No, this isn't the book by Amy Poehler. This is a romance book I bought online after seeing an ad for it on Facebook. Don't judge.

Yes, Please - Willow Summers

He won't let anyone close. 

Two rules: No kissing. No falling in love.

The rules are to protect himself. He won't talk about why. 

Hunter Carlisle is looking for a new admin, and he chose me. Filthy rich and sinfully handsome, he's the bachelor everyone wants. But this job isn't just getting him coffee. He wants complete control. Intimately. 

My bank account is nearly empty and rent is due in a week. I need the money, but I don't know if I can follow his rules. I don't know if I can separate duty, from pleasure.

My only defense is saying no, but everything in my body wants to say yes....

I have to say it, I am SO SICK AND TIRED of the same exact story line in romance. I'm a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey and I tolerated Sylvia Day basically ripping off the same story line as well. And then J. Kenner and a ton of other authors who write books at break neck speed with the story line of rich CEO falling for poor female subordinate and blah, blah, blah. I'll read the books because I'm a fan of romance but honest to god-  you would think editors and publicists would beg authors to just get crazy and try something different, but no. No, they don't because it's a quick buck and frankly? It's tiring.

So that's my mini rant.

I have to tell you, I almost didn't finish this book because it starts off incredibly cheesy and just stupid. We begin with our lead female, Olivia, having lunch with her well off friend Kimberly. Olivia is a recent college graduate in a poor economy, can't find a job, basically desperate to take anything that will give her a paycheck so she doesn't wind up homeless. Kimberly tells her about this "admin" position where sure, you do admin work and are challenged but you also have to have sex with the CEO whenever he wants, no strings attached, and then you go about your day.

Cue the eyerolls, I know, I'm there with you.

I kept going because it's on my list of books I wanted to finish in May and it's relatively short at 233 pages, so I knew I would be able to finish this in a night.

Sure enough, like the sucker that I am, I found myself immersed in the book and finished it in just a few hours. I kind of liked Olivia and Hunter.. he wasn't so bad himself. Them together feels good, so knowing this series has four books in it, you know I have already ordered the other three because I can't quit a series. I just can't. Anyways. The story is exactly what you would expect: CEO sees something in lowly subordinate, lowly subordinate finds herself attracted to CEO and wanting more than just a standard contract, CEO is torn and experiencing things he didn't think he would, CEO has a screwed up background, intense sexual encounters and blurred lines.

Overall? It's the standard outline of this kind of book and it doesn't really deviate from it, but it's also a solid read for a romance novel. It's fluff, it's fast, it's easy, you'll enjoy it even if it's a story line you've read multiple times already.

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