Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Law and Disorder (review and giveaway)

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Have I ever mentioned to you how much I love Heather Graham? I really do and I really adore the fact that her books typically aren't very long so you can get through them quickly and go to her next one!

Law and Disorder - Heather Graham

Trust the enemy? 

Desperate to escape her kidnappers, Kody Cameron can turn to only one man…and he's holding a gun. Outnumbered and trapped in the deadly Everglades, she has little recourse, but something in this captor's eyes makes her believe she can trust him. Does she dare to take the risk? 

Undercover agent Nick Connolly has met Kody before and knows she might very well blow his cover. Though determined to maintain his facade, he can't let Kody die. He won't. And his decision to change his own rules of law and order are about to make all hell break loose.

I've been a big Heather Graham fan for quite awhile so I jumped at the chance when this one came up for review. And I want to give this book more than 2/5 stars but... I can't. I really can't and I hate myself for it. I think the bizarre beginning is what got to me and I couldn't get over it. We have Kody, who is kidnapped from page one, and she is remembering her childhood while having a gun pointed at her head. But she's remembering how when her and her friends used to play in the area they would use the names of gangsters as their code names and that's what these kidnappers are doing, so does she know them? Surely she must because the one voice sounds familiar and the specific names being used.. she's convinced she knows someone in the group but who? And why would they kidnap her? Anyways- it's a bizarre hostage situation where the captors want to use Kody's personal knowledge of the area to find the hidden treasure of a mobster.

Kind of bizarre, right?

Well the plot wouldn't be so weird if it was executed well but it just wasn't. The book itself is really very short (250 pages or so) but there is a lot of fluff about mobsters and the setting, so not only does the entire hostage situation feel forced, but the romance didn't develop well. Everything felt rushed, and this felt like it wasn't given the editing attention it should have gotten given Heather Graham's history of great writing. And to be fair, I think maybe because I have read a lot of Heather's books that makes me a little snobby when it came to this because I had high expectations. I will say that this is the first in a series so I am hopeful that the rest of the series picks up and I'm looking forward to it.

What's really cool is Heather Graham is offering a $25 gift card giveaway right now, so I invite you to head over HERE to enter. In the meantime, leave me a comment with what you're reading right now, I'm always in the market for a new read! 


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The Girl on the Train

Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

Thanks for your honest review for the tour!

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Have you read Jane Casey? I am addicted to her thrillers.