Monday, August 21, 2017

Shopping for men stinks, let me help you.

I'm usually really great at buying gifts for people. My favorite is doing boxes of awesome, which is where I get a cute container (or box if I'm mailing it) and filling it with really awesome things I know the other person will love. I pick up little things all of the time that my friends will love and when I have enough for a box, off it goes.

My biggest challenge for gift giving? My husband.

Matt is awful. Every time I think I have a great idea, and I'm super excited to give him The Thing, I get a lackluster response. One time I waited over THREE HOURS at a ski lodge trying to get him a ski pass because I knew he loved skiing and I thought it would be a sweet gesture AND get him to relax after working so hard all week. I spent three hours in this lodge, freezing, with two kids who were starving.

He wasn't super excited about it and only went skiing once.

One time, friends.

Thankfully, we have websites like Uncommon Goods to help us. It's 2017 though, and so many of us are being selective on where we spend our money, which is why Uncommon Goods is a great solution. You probably don't know this, but Uncommon Goods features many products that are organic, recycled, or handmade. Are you an animal lover? You'll be pleased to know Uncommon Goods doesn't sell products containing leather, fur, or feathers either. Do you love to give back even when you're shopping? Perfect! When you shop with Uncommon Goods, you have the option to donate $1 to a selected non-profit organization, courtesy of their Better to Give program, which has already donated $1,000,000 since 2001. By focusing mainly to online retail, they've cut down on their paper usage (hooray for the environment!) from printing catalogs.

So that's super awesome, but let's shop!

The really great part of Uncommon Goods is they have done all of the hard work for you and have curated these collections specific to what you are shopping for. I know Christmas is coming, despite not being ready for it, but this is the time of year I start looking for ideas and buying items so I don't get stuck in the mailing frenzy in December. Not only do I have Matt to shop for but we have our dads and brothers and they are all awful to shop for. (Sorry, guys!) Clearly my first stop was going to be a collection just for men because it's broad and has something for everyone. Right off the bat I found something that Matt absolutely needs in his life because as a machinist, he comes home filthy.
I am so sick of him using all of my soap trying to work the grime off of himself. He needs this in his life. Immediately. Before Christmas, even.

Here's a confession. If you've ever shopped with me you know I stick to the "one for you, one for me" policy so I have a terrible habit of shopping for myself while shopping for others. So of course, I'm scrolling through the collection and I see THIS. You guys, I NEED THIS. I have a medical condition that requires me to drink a lot of water so when I go for walks, I need to bring a water bottle. But I also need my phone because I get lost a lot and I like to listen to podcasts, so then I have my ear buds. This handy item does it all. Your phone (and some cash in case on your fitness walk you stumble upon an ice cream truck) stores inside the water bottle. You're only carrying one thing versus considering a fanny pack. Say no to the fanny pack.

Needless to say, I found a lot of items for the holidays.

If you are still looking for a gift idea for the hard working, mechanical nerd in your life (cough, MATT, cough), Uncommon Goods also has a collection aimed for groomsmen that also has every day men's gifts, too.
You know what we gave to our groomsmen? A leatherman tool. Had Matt seen this, he would have insisted we get these. These are the weird things Matt is into and this is something I would totally stick in his stocking. This little box has everything you need to perform 12 tasks and this is just right up Matt's alley.

What do I do for my anniversary? That also is a killer to shop for because Matt isn't sentimental, but I definitely am. So whether you are shopping for your husband, or your wife, you absolutely have to peruse the anniversary collection they've put together. Almost immediately I found something that is 100% Matt and I.

One of the things I love most about Matt is his total acceptance when I say I want to go on an adventure. Our goal has always been to see all 50 states and while we haven't got a great start (I think we only have nine states so far), it's hard to travel a lot with four kids. THIS would be an amazing art piece for our home, a cool conversation piece for visitors, and act as an incentive to get more pins up there! Not only would this be great as an anniversary gift, I think it would make a cool wedding gift for a new couple, too. Or maybe a graduation gift and instead of two couple's names, put the student's first and last names and they can mark off places on their travels. (There is also an international map, too!)

Speaking of weddings, if you can't quite find the right thing for your anniversary, or you're getting married and want to get a great gift for husband or bride to be, Uncommon Goods also has a fantastic wedding guide full of amazing gift ideas. Anyone can roll up to the gift table with a waffle iron you know you're re-gifting, but the best gifts are always personalized ones!

Happy shopping, friends. (I can fully say that because I just saved you hours of walking around the mall and you didn't even have to put pants on. WIN.)

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