Friday, September 22, 2017

It was a day at the beach. Kind of.

I have to start by saying I only have these and the pictures my friend Andrea took that show all of us in the photo. It's really hard to get six people together consistently, even more so when you have two toddlers who want to run into the water or eat the sand. We had someone take our picture and I'm not thrilled, but they'll do. I had high hopes, I spent so much time trying to coordinate outfits and in the end, we all match, but I feel like a whale.

My second mistake was trying to do this by the water. We had just gone to Florida so Penelope thought this was the ocean and Lake Superior is NOT the ocean. It's freezing and it kind of smells, to be honest. We also found a bunch of questionable things laying on the beach so it was an experience.

So in the span of 15 minutes, this is what we got, because Penelope had a full on melt down and Lucy fell asleep.

And because I couldn't get myself together to get her one year portraits taken, this is it. This will have to do. 
I really, REALLY want to get photos done this fall and have something to send out in our family Christmas card. Which is optimistic because usually by this point in September I have my cards almost done but this year.. I don't even have my list organized. It's a mess. I might have to break down and send just a photo card and give up on hand making 100+ cards because I just don't care anymore. We'll see.


Nicole Pyles said...

I like the photos you took! :)

Anonymous said...

Your family is perfect, your photos are gorgeous. You must be a proud mama!!