Monday, November 6, 2017

The Purple Turtle Graded Readers - Level 1!

My favorite thing in the whole world as a school volunteer was to watch little kids learn how to read. At the beginning of the year they stumble over simple sight words, maybe not understand what they just read, and sometimes they don't like to read at all. I firmly believe that every kid can be an avid reader, you just have to find a topic they really enjoy. Not everyone needs to read the classics to be well read, find something you really like and go for it.

I also have found that books with animals as the main characters are always a favorite of the kids. Kids love animals and the fact that animals are going on adventures exercises their imagination. I got the opportunity to try out this beginning reader system and it was pretty great. Keep in mind, my two littlest are only one and two years old so they aren't necessarily learning to read, but Penelope (the two year old) is pretty bright. She can anticipate what's going to happen in a story, she can tell me how a character feels by the look on their face, and she really likes books. Lucy loves to read as well and I find myself reading the majority of the day with them. The older two kids learned to read when they got into Kindergarten, but I really think Penelope and Lucy might be readers before they get there! Penelope can identify all of her colors, count to ten, and identify most letters already. So far, Penelope likes the Counting Insects, The Animal Parade, and Purple's New Shoes (we have a bit of a shoe obsession right now). Lucy likes Music for Melody because I usually give her one of her toy instruments to shake or bang while I read it. The bonus is is that each book has some activities at the end that tie in with the story, and at the front of the book it gives a quick summary of the book so kids can make some guesses at what might happen.

If you home school, or maybe you just want to do some at home reading practice, these are great sets to try out! There are three sets and they are very affordable considering you get 12 books in a box! The next best thing? Is that the books are small enough that you can easily keep a few in the car, put a couple in your purse or diaper bag, put it in their little bag (I know my kids aren't the only ones who bring their own purse or bag everywhere we go, usually full of rocks and crayons, sometimes rogue socks!). Also, if you're traveling, you can bring a few of these and store them in your luggage easily without having to haul around heavy books- these are rather lightweight!

Boxed Book Set Details:

Book Title: Purple Turtle Graded Readers Level 1 (12 Titles)
Category: Children's Fiction,
Genre: Educational
Publisher: Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd.
Release date: April 1, 2017
Tour dates: Oct 30 to Nov 24, 2017
Content Rating: G (informative content intended for and available to children & their parents/educators to enhance and support learning. Suitable for: Family audiences with younger children.)

Boxed Book Set Description:

A1 Edutainment takes you to the world on an amazing new reading programme with Purple Turtle. The first level of Purple Turtle Graded Readers includes a set of 12 books with interesting stories and activities and 150 word count. This level is exclusively for learners who have just started reading. It is based on ATOS and Lexile reading level system.

To read more reviews, please visit Purple Turtle's page on iRead Book Tours.

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Meet the Publisher:

Purple Turtle is India’s 1st International brand with its educational content in several languages sold in more than 30 countries including Russia, China, US and UK. The character of Purple Turtle has delighted children across the globe through beautifully created Purple Turtle books, rhymes and videos available on YouTube.

Purple Turtle was created with the idea to spread education through a wide range of innovative books for children. To give them the experience of convenient online learning, Purple Turtle also brings both learning and entertainment on a common platform to give a wholesome learning experience to young minds.

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