Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Losing Battle

I just want to say that this is the 100th book I read and reviewed in 2017! This one officially closes out my Goodreads Challenge, but I'm going to give you a teaser- I surpassed it. HA! I'll review those later, but let's start with this one.

A Losing Battle (Free At Last #2) - Annie Stone

Hunter has left home to join the Marine Corps, leaving Mackenzie behind, confused and unsure about her feelings. She loves Carter, she really, really does, but could there be a spark between her and Hunter, as well?

Mackenzie does the only thing she can in the circumstances: she buries her conflicting emotions in her work. But when she sees Hunter again, she knows the time for a decision has come.

Little does she know, time is running out for the both of them.

I reviewed the first book earlier this month and I told you I was hesitant to keep reading it because it had a weird premise- Mackenzie (Mac) was dating Carter, but Carter's 17 year old son Hunter was falling in love with her. He turns 18, shares his feelings, she's torn, and he's joined the military and left her there. It's kind of odd and just felt a little wrong, but still, I was intrigued enough to keep going so I promptly ordered book two and three. 

Book two of the Free at Last series finds Hunter excelling during his time in the Marines, going through all of the training he can in the hopes of becoming one of the elite members, like top tier Marine. His motivation to get through the grueling BUD/S "hell week" was Mac- he thinks about her constantly and wants her to be proud of him and his achievements. It honestly feels like a really warped mommy issue thing since his mom is not great and out of the picture. But eventually Hunter gets a much needed break and comes back. It's hard because he cut off communication to and from Mac but also his brother Casey, so he has no idea that Mac and Carter's relationship is falling apart quickly, and he has no idea how lonely and sad Mac is without him around. His quick visit includes them having sex for the first time, it's everything amazing and more, and then Mac makes the DUMBEST CHOICE EVER, and when Carter finds the two of them? Let's just say it doesn't go well, Hunter leaves angry, and Mac is devastated. 

The book ends with Mac having a baby, Hunter's baby, but she has no idea if he knows about her because she's written letters and emails but with no response. She knows he has gone to Afghanistan to fight so she worries endlessly and places all of the guilt of a potential injury or his death on herself. She feels like she drove him to go and in a way, she did.

I am SO GLAD I had already purchased book three because I had to rip right into it as soon as I finished this! I'm giving this one a 4.5/5 stars. I'm dropping it down a notch because Mac is kind of annoying in this one and I feel like she should have and could have tried harder to get through to Hunter but what do I know?


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