Friday, January 5, 2018

Secret Baby, Second Chance

Before I get into this post, CALM DOWN, it's just a book review. I'm not pregnant or running away, just calm down lambs. OK?

OK. Let's do this.

Secret Baby, Second Chance - Jane Godman
A terrorized young mother and her secret child return home, where a killer awaits...She's alive! Vincente Delaney has finally found his girlfriend, Beth Wade, who disappeared a year and a half ago, alive. But he's shocked to discover someone with her: their child, a little girl he never knew about! Once upon a time, lone wolf Vincente never expected forever with Beth, but now he must put everything on the line to protect her and their family.Beth was forced to leave Vincente to protect everything she held dear. But now the threat to her loved ones' lives has reared its ugly head again. As danger approaches, she and Vincente must delve into her past to cast out the darkness jeopardizing their future.

I'm kind of mixed on this one for a couple of reasons. One, this is exactly the same cheesy cover you would associate with Harlequin from years ago. Normally this would be a turn off for me, I wouldn't see this on a table or shelf at Barnes & Noble and pick it up, it feels run of the mill. So the cover was blah. I should also note that this is the third in the Sons of Stillwater series but these are stand alone. I didn't even realize it was further into a series until I had finished it up, and I didn't feel like I was missing important plot information from previous books, they are all their own story, so don't let that hold you back.

Alright so this book is mostly about Beth, on the run with her baby from an unknown killer. Vincente is the baby daddy and her lover with which she had a very hot and cold affair with, and he's set out to find her. When he does, he discovers he has a child and his immediate anger at Beth for keeping that from him is replaced by concern, and maybe a little love, when he realizes that Beth has a legitimate fear for her and her baby's life. The concern is around a hiking trip she took years ago in which a hiker was severely injured, and later murdered. Someone is taking out each hiker one by one and taunting them until they get to them. Vincente vows to protect Beth and bring this murderer to justice.

Overall? It almost reminded me of Dean Koontz's IceBound, something I read way back in my high school days (adult books were far more entertaining), because of the connection with snow and mountains and hidden killers. I had a hard time sticking with it but once the story got going and my interest in who the real killer was, and why, I stuck with it and was pleasantly surprised that I couldn't figure out who the killer was despite the clues that I put together in hindsight. Overall? A solid 3/5 stars. I will say that Harlequin continues to deliver solid romance and this one is accurately dubbed as Romantic Suspense, it delivered for its genre.


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