Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Dangerous Game

If you're a Heather Graham fan, she's back with another solid book!

A Dangerous Game - Heather Graham

The third novel in the New York Confidential series by long-established NYT bestselling romantic suspense author Heather Graham. This is the author's romantic-suspense stream, in addition to her successful ongoing mass market paperback paranormal romantic suspense series.

Psychologist Kieran Finnegan is thrust into the middle of an investigation into human trafficking when a desperate woman shoves an infant into her arms and then flees...only to be murdered minutes later on a busy Manhattan street. Despite the fact that it isn't an FBI case, Special Agent Craig Frasier starts poking around, because Kieran can't stop thinking about the child and the victim. Their one lead comes through the pub, Finnegan's on Broadway. One of the waitresses also volunteers at a church outreach center, and had been in contact with a distraught young pregnant woman, whom she recommended Kieran to as someone who might be able to help her. When Kieran goes to the outreach center to do some off-the-books investigating of her own, she is approached by two women who are worried for their missing friend, and who reveal that they were part of a human trafficking ring that did business in babies. As Craig and Kieran delve deeper into the underbelly of NYC trying to find out more, the dangerous elements of the ring come to the surface, hoping to silence Kieran before she exposes them. 

The third book in the New York Confidential series, A Dangerous Game is a stand alone, you definitely don't need to read the first two to understand what is going on in this one. In this book it starts with Kieran, getting ready to leave work for the day, suddenly confronted by an unknown woman in her office, handed a baby, and the woman runs out only to be murdered out in the street in broad daylight by an unknown assailant. Nobody, especially Kieran, knows who the woman, or the baby, are or why she would seek Kieran out like she did. You get the immediate impression that Kieran is someone who wants to be involved in helping people so she can't let this rest.

Her FBI boyfriend, Craig, agrees to be put on the case part to ease Kieran's mind but part because it has the feel this could be tied to the Russian underbelly of New York City or some kind of immigration scam. Either way, he's on the case.

This book isn't big on romance so if you're going into this looking for that, keep looking because while Kieran and Craig are a couple, it's not a prevalent story line in the book. They're a couple and they stay a couple. I actually liked this book because sometimes you just need a break from romance, and you get to see the "inner workings" of the FBI more in this book than in previous ones, I suspect. When you get to the end and Graham is weaving all of the story lines together neatly you realize it's a very current problem I'm sure law enforcement are facing around the country but particularly cities heavy with immigrants, such as New York City.

Fast, entertaining, suspenseful read, sure to be a favorite if you're a Heather Graham fan or if you have read the first two books!


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