Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Book Review: Mistletoe Miracles

I know, we aren't even at Halloween yet and already I'm coming at you with a Christmas read! But honestly, you have to order your books now so you can read them all December long. Get on the Christmas train, you guys!

Mistletoe Miracles - Jodi Thomas

A small-town Texas Christmas story, where hearts are lost, love is found, and family always brings you back home.

Griffin Holloway is desperate: the Maverick Ranch has been in his family for generations, but lately, it’s a money pit. He’d sooner marry one of his horses than sell the ranch. Marriage, though, could be a solution. If he can woo a wealthy bride, he might save the ranch—just in time for Christmas.

Jaxon O’Grady likes his solitude just fine, thank you very much. But when a car accident brings the unexpected to his door, he realizes just how much one person can need another.

Crossroads is the perfect place for Jamie Johnson: avoiding nosy questions about why she’s single, she’s happy to keep to her lakeside home. So she’s baffled when she gets the strangest Christmas present of all, in the form of a Mr. Johnson, asleep on her sofa. Who is he, and why does everyone think he’s her husband?

In this uplifting novel, three unlikely couples discover just what Crossroads, Texas, can offer: romance, belonging, and plenty of Christmas spirit.

I am really glad that this was the first holiday read for this season because this was an excellent one to start with. I enjoyed the entire book, all three couples, and I'll start by telling you that I'm giving this one a 4.5 stars. The only thing that brings it down just a smidge is it got a little slow in the middle for me but not nearly enough to consider stopping. You end up invested in all three couples, which are all connected, and it's so good it makes you wish this would end up in one of those Hallmark Channel holiday movies. No joke. I've read a couple other books by Jodi Thomas and she's a pretty solid writer and gives you a feel good romance, a little ranching thrown in, and leaves you wanting another book by her.

So we have Mallory, who is trying to start over from her abusive ex but before that can start she's in a car accident. She finds her dog, and a second chance at love, in Jax. (This was my favorite couple because that story line always gets me!) My second favorite story line is Jamie and Wyatt. Jamie has been telling people she's married (she's not) so enter Wyatt. He's a soldier who is looking to slow down and see where life takes him but everyone assumes that he is Jamie's husband who has come back. He ends up at Jamie's house (when she's not there) so when she comes back, obviously she's shocked. Except it works out for both of them so they go along with the charade to keep up appearances except (no shocker) they start to fall for each other. This story line was so out there that I couldn't help but like it because it would make for kind of a great romcom movie, wouldn't it?? I didn't love the Griffin and Sunlan relationship only because Sunlan kind of comes off as a wuss. Her father is a grade A jerk and she's trying to find a way to get out from under this thumb. Griffin is in bad financial shape and his ranch is going to go under unless (logically) he marries rich. (Massive eyeroll here) So Griffin sees Sunlan as his cash cow and Sunlan sees Griffin as the guy to save her from her father so she's going from a bad situation to a questionable one. (Because what gal doesn't want to marry a man to pay his bills?) I didn't love this story line and I kind of skimmed over their story because the premise annoys me.

Overall? I really liked this book. I like the holiday tie in, I liked how every couple had their own ups and downs and felt cohesive with the book. Normally I don't like multiple story lines in a book but the author did a good job bringing them all together.

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