Friday, February 8, 2019

Marie Kondo scares me.

I don't know if you remember but a couple of weeks ago I talked about watching Marie Kondo's show and then starting on my office/scrapbook area. I got rid of a lot of stuff and I'm still in the processing of getting rid of things. I have a stack of books yet to go to their new home, one to mail, some school supplies I need to organize into their new home so I can better see what I have before I buy like crazy in August. For the most part though, my room is done. I really cut back on craft supplies and books, I changed up my work area so it's more efficient and I can pull things out when I need them. I'll admit, it was nice to get rid of so much stuff.

So naturally, this made me think we should move the purge upstairs. I mean, why not? I know my makeup was a hot mess, the cabinet in our bathroom was a mess, the linen closet was a mess, things were out of hand. And our clothes? Hot mess. It was bad. So I thought I'd just start.
It's kind of hard to work on stuff like this because none of it brings me joy. I need it though, so I don't look like an ogre when I leave the house, so you know.. its a need. I did downsize it a lot because I haven't used lip liner in YEARS and frankly, I don't care enough about any of you enough to wear lip liner.  Glitter eye liner? Let's be honest... there comes a time where you need to put the glitter and the shimmer away. That goes away and your various anti aging creams and aging specific makeup comes in and you need to make the transition. If you think I'm parting with my Unicorn bronzer/highlighter you are WRONG, ma'am. I refuse to get rid of that. Refuse.
Then I moved to my closet. This is literally just my closet. I decided I was going to do my closet and then do my dresser because that is two very different sections. Closet is clothes that I wear every day. Dresser is weird things like tanks, pajamas, socks and underwear, long underwear, bathing suits, etc. None of that seems like stuff I would sort with regular clothes so I made it two different jobs.

You know what doesn't bring me joy? Making the decision to get rid of all of the clothes that don't fit. I can't hang onto these for "someday" because it's making me depressed every time I go to wear it and realize yet again... it doesn't fit.  I allowed myself one small stack of jeans that are the next size down from where I am now and a couple of t-shirts that are amazing and hilarious and I just can't get rid of. Those ended up being folded on a shelf in my closet.
I did work on my dresser that same night because I was kind of on a roll. I did her fancy folding thing. As much as I didn't like it when I was doing it, when I pull stuff out I kind of love it. 
I did my t-shirts and ended up getting rid of a LOT of them. I only have a drawer of them versus two now. 
I have my solid colored tanks rolled (lower left), my printed tanks folded (top left), extra t-shirts that didn't fit in the drawer (middle), and my pajamas folded (top right). 
I had a hard time with this drawer because this is all weird random stuff I use rarely. I have two bathing suits (two different sizes), my long underwear, sports bra, lacy tank/bra thing that goes under a shirt I have, and a petticoat and belt. 
I missed her episode on pants so when I looked it up I didn't like that method at all. So I have my workout pants folded (lower left), leggings rolled (top left), maxi skirts folded (middle), capri leggings (top right), and other pants folded (lower right). This is actually working really well for me so I'm going to stick with it. 
I did finish the bathroom. This cupboard was chuck full of stuff. So I've got my towels folded (I cannot handle them folded any other way. Sorry, not sorry.), my makeup was transferred to the blue drawer thing, and face lotions/cleansers/face masks, etc in the tray. Underneath is the toilet paper, spare diaper and pull up, and then basket of lotions. 
It's dark in here but this is my linen closet that is right outside of the bathroom. We have the laundry hamper in here and we store beach towels, extra blanket (for sleepovers), and my CPAP machine bag in here. This bottom shelf was a catch all for junk. So now we have boxes organized with stuff: one for first aid supplies, one for shaving razors/cream, one for dental care, and this box for nail polish stuff. That box was full of CD's that I got rid of (after making sure I had them in my iTunes because I still listen to them.)
I made Matt do his dresser and part of the closet too because I said I would do it if he didn't. He did it one night I took Olivia to dance. 
 He got rid of a TON of his gross t-shirts. He has nice clothes, he dresses like he owns nothing.
Oh! So here's our closet all done. My dresses are hanging on a hook but I did get rid of half. Matt's clothes are on top (honestly, I feel like he could have/should have gotten rid of more but I'm lucky he did it at all so I'm not going to push it). My clothes are on bottom. They are all pushed to the middle, there is nothing in that black hole to the left or the little to the right. For perspective, my section was SO full, I could hardly squeeze things in there. It's really weird to not have much to choose from (some of this is summer only so my winter selection is... like 5 tops at best) but I guess it's nice to not be depressed every day when I get dressed.

Are you doing any purging? Is Marie Kondo bullying you into feeling joy? Honestly, I realize how very little brings me joy in my house and it's mostly all because I need it, not because I like or want it. I'm curious if others are feeling the same way or are totally into the feeling joy thing.


Anthea said...

Okay, seriously I felt like a rockstar for organising my bookcase and then I see this post and feel like I have a ton to do still haha!
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who finds it difficult to part with make up. And I love looking at other people's make up collections.
Everything looks so organised in your pictures - well done :)

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I will fully admit I have just ordered her book because everywhere I turn around everyone is talking about it and I really do want to organize my dressers and drawers to look like that!

Trish @ The Trish List said...

I have been watching the series and keep saying I am going to organize but then I get hit with another round of the cold that keeps going around. I do know it will make things better once I do it though so once i feel better I am going to start on my clothes..

mypixieblog said...

You did a great job folding and purging! I watched one episode and got upset that my boyfriend is a hoarder because good luck getting rid of anything he’s owned since 1998. Only somewhat kidding 🤣 anyway, it must be nice to open drawers and closets and actually be able to see what you own!

Diva Booknerd said...

I must be one of the few people that haven't actually seen the show yet but I'm such a big fan of organisation in general. I understand the theory behind donating what doesn't give you joy but it really needs to extend beyond to think that's you need rather than want as well. Your drawers look fabulous! I might give the folding a try this weekend as well. Ugh men right, my husband will try to wear almost threadbare clothing yet has a wardrobe full of brand new outfits. I might see if I can catch one of her episodes for a little motivation but it's looking brilliant Sara!

Penny @ Penny's Passion said...

Way to go! Your organized areas look fabulous! I spend some time on Saturday working on our bathroom. It definitely has a ways to go, but progress feel so good!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I read the manga version of her book, which I enjoyed, and it's why I started rolling my t-shirts (super handy for when you travel too). I haven't seen the show though, and I don't really think of thing as sparking joy, because like you say, sometimes you need things because you just need them, not because you have a love for them. It looks like you got a ton organized though, so that's awesome.