Monday, February 11, 2019

Weight loss challenge, week 14 (my thighs hurt)

I'm kind of sucking at doing the videos for you but I really will try for next week, I promise!

My goals for last week were:

  • Stick with intermittent fasting: I did this pretty well. I had a couple of days that I got a little mixed up because I had sick kiddos but for the most part, I stuck with it! 
  • Limit soda to 8 ounces: I did well except for one day I was DRAGGING and honestly, I needed it. But, I made up for it on another day because I had none so there's that. 
  • Workout 3-4 times: I did this! I actually worked out FOUR times last week! I did my bike thing three times, 20 minutes each ride and I did Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix. 
I tried starting the 21 Day Fix workouts kind of awhile ago but a 30 minute workout was just too much for me. I didn't have the stamina, my lungs were screaming, and I felt awful for days (more run down and flu-ish than normal) so I decided to go down to doing the 10 minute workouts for awhile. That actually was a good plan because I was able to do all 30 minutes of the workout on Friday and I was so impressed with myself. It doesn't sound like a big deal but for me it really was. I'm pretty hopeful about next week. 

I did realize that me doing this workout every day likely won't happen. I was pretty sore on Saturday, which I expected. My core hurt, and my thighs were a little sore. But Sunday? 

You guys. 

My thighs hurt so bad. Like couldn't squat on the toilet fast enough hurt. I may or may not have peed on the bathroom rug and then laughed like a hyena about it around 4 a.m. Whoa boy. It was pretty funny. So the plan right now is to do it every other day and just hope the hurt kind of gets better. I'm hoping to do day 2 during nap time today so cross your fingers! 

You're supposed to celebrate your accomplishments, so we shall. Ignore my jacked up photo but these pants? Are size XL skinny jeans from Maurices. I forgot that these are kind of too short for my liking and they aren't really comfortable at all so I don't know why I saved them BUT I was able to get them on. Zipped up and buttoned with no issues. Little snug in the thigh but I was able to get them on easily and that's what matters. My size 16 pants are getting a little too big for me. Not quite enough that I can go down to a 14, but enough that I might need to get a belt soon because hiking them up constantly is kind of annoying. So that happened. 

Goal for this coming week: 
  • Workout 4 times
Hopefully you're "killing it" and "smashing your goals" (I hate when people say that so this is a joke, I'm not turning into a moron). I'm realizing that my goal to lose 3 pounds this month was kind of lofty considering the month is already half over!!

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Whoo-hoo! go you. That's awesome you fit into the jeans. It's always nice feeling like clothes fit better, even if you don't see it in lost pounds.