Friday, April 19, 2019

Book Review: No Ordinary Billionaire

I'm going to confess to you.... I have the rest of this series in my Amazon cart and on payday it's going to come.

I should feel some real shame but I just don't. I'm a sucker for a series and it's like an OCD thing. I can't read part of a series and not the rest.

No Ordinary Billionaire - J.S. Scott

Dante Sinclair never cared about his family’s money. All the young billionaire ever wanted was to be a cop; and now that he’s a homicide detective in Los Angeles, he’s a damn good one. But when he is injured and loses his partner in the line of duty, he returns to his vacation home in Amesport, Maine, to recover.

Sarah Baxter, a brilliant young doctor still struggling with her stifled upbringing, has recently moved from Chicago to sleepy Amesport to escape her past, hoping to find peace. When Sarah is assigned to Dante’s case, there’s an instant heat between them. They couldn’t possibly be more different, yet their igniting passion is impossible to ignore. As new feelings awaken within Sarah, her haunted past returns, threatening her once again. But can Dante overcome his grief and discover the secrets Sarah is hiding in time to protect and rescue her?

I got this book in one of my boxes from The Bookworm Box long ago and it's been in my unread pile ever since. I have been trying to get back into my reading binges and I'm going for anything that looks like a fast read (shorter books) so this was my latest binge. I thought it was going to be cheesy and lame but I'll tell you- this surprised me.

I also need to mention that this is the first full book in The Sinclairs series but there is a shorter novella that comes before it called Billionaire's Christmas. It isn't a prerequisite to read that one before this, Grady and Emily are mentioned in this book so if you're curious, maybe worth checking it out. In this book though it's all about Dante and Sarah.

Dante is an injured homicide detective from Los Angeles and his partner is dead. He's struggling with his injuries, both physical and mental. Sarah is a genius doctor working well below her abilities in a little town in Maine, escaping a nightmare of her own in Chicago. Dante returns to Maine to recuperate with his siblings around him and quickly becomes interested in his beautiful doctor, Sarah.

What's interesting in this book is that Sarah is incredibly inexperienced with relationships but also any kind of intimacy and she doesn't see any point to it. Dante, on the other hand, is a very sexual creature but the idea of an actual relationship isn't even on his radar so he's a little slow to the punch throughout the book. Of course we have drama and danger in this book but I kind of liked it. It wasn't over the top, you knew it was happening and this could have gone to Corny Town real quick but I felt like it was done pretty well.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. I had a hard time putting it down, I think it's going to be a fun series and if you're in the mood for something quick with some hot scenes, give this one a try. 4 stars for sure.



Deanna Reads Books said...

Oh, this sounds interesting!

Tanya @ Girl Plus Books said...

Okay Sara, you have me totally kicking myself now. I, too, received this one in a Bookworm Box (ages ago) and it sat and sat on my shelf. I finally thought "I'm never going to get to this one" and gave it away. Gah!