Saturday, October 26, 2019

Book Review: Her Baby, His Proposal

I know, you're probably like, "It's a weekend! Why is Sara posting?!". Well, I'm going to start posting on weekends because as it turns out, I've got a lot going on and a lot of book reviews happening and I can't get it all in over five days. I need those other two. You're welcome.

Her Baby, His Proposal - Teresa Carpenter
Brock Sullivan is a navy SEAL--he lives by his own code of honor and he won't see Jesse, pregnant and alone, struggle. He doesn't have to help her, but he knows he can offer her security while he's away fighting for his country. The proposal is convenient and the marriage-- paper only!

Jesse would do anything for her baby, even if it means signing away her own dreams of happily ever after and becoming Brock's convenient bride. But, injured in battle, Brock is suddenly home, and what was a simple marriage of convenience is now becoming a whole lot more complicated.
I have a fun story about this, actually. I'm in a romance novel group on Facebook where we share good, and terrible, books and talk about trends and all kinds of stuff. It's a fun group to be in. Anyways, a few weeks ago someone asked about this book and gave a general synopsis but she couldn't remember the name of it or the author. It took a really long time and several people chiming in they now want to read this book, but someone came through with a title/author/purchase link. I went onto Amazon and purchased it immediately because the original link they posted was sold out of the book (probably from everyone on that thread), and I purchased it off the marketplace for like $.99 and $3 in shipping. (Don't get me started on all of these sellers scamming us on shipping- the postage on my envelope was under $1 so they can just shove it.) Anyways. So that's how I found this book.

Beep! Beep! Pulling into Cheese Town! The best thing about mass produced romance novels is that they are fast reads (this took me just under two hours) and they are corny but also really fun.

In this book we have Jesse, a 20something who is newly pregnant with a very clear oopsie child with her dead beat ex-boyfriend who just dumped her AND took all of her money. She lives in a dump apartment she shares with an even bigger loser. She's a waitress at a restaurant frequented by Navy personnel since it's near the docks, basically. Enter Brock, a 30something Chief in the Navy, single and unattached. He's responsible and also deploying for a six month assignment soon.

Almost immediately they find themselves in the emergency room together where Jesse confesses she can't afford any of this and so Brock comes up with a plan: do a quickie wedding with him so she can live in his condo, get his health insurance benefits, and basically be taken care of during her pregnancy.

Stop it- are you peeing your pants from laughter?

OK, so that happens but the meat of the story is everything that leads up to him coming home and how they handle this unconventional situation, and just the general awkwardness of all of it.

I'm going to tell you... I kind of loved it. (Imagine me covering my face in absolute shame.) First off, I loved that I finished this in one sitting because I'm all about a fast read. Secondly, I have a soft spot for cheesy romance novels and I can't help it. Third, how they handle a "love scene" by not having one makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME. I love it. I love how incredibly cheesy it is and I'm keeping this. It is not going into a donate pile, this baby is staying on my shelves.

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