Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Move it, move it.

If you were here on Friday you maybe saw my post about us moving. (If you didn't, go catch yourself up.)  Since then I've gotten a ton of support and offers to help and don't think I'm not going to take you up on that because Matt and I are getting old. He's only going to be 40, but he is almost certain he's going to need surgery on his elbow after all of this (its been bothering him awhile, so it's not like this just happened), and I can't lift anything. So don't start ignoring your phone now. HA!
I spent most of my Friday night packing up books. Which... that's actually really daunting. When we moved the last time I thought it was bad but no, this is actually worse. Even Matt agrees. Ha! I purged quite a bit along the way and I have some in piles to donate to specific people. I'm pretty sure I won't have as much room at the new place so I will likely have to purge more and that makes me sad. 
The great news is that I found Edward Cullen's head! If you aren't a long time reader, this is probably just weird to you. But long time readers remember when I had a six foot cardboard cut out of Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen. I used to have it standing next to my side of the bed. Then he lived in my dining room for awhile. No matter where he was he would scare the daylights out of people. Even me sometimes and I knew he was there. In our last move he was "accidentally" damaged so Matt said I should just toss it but nope! I had an idea for a project so I neatly trimmed his head and top of his shoulders off, but I put it in my craft closet because I probably didn't have time. Then I forgot about it. Lo and behold! Edward has returned and he is 100% coming with me. 
On Saturday Matt went over to start building our bedroom, so I had all four kids to bring with me to run errands. I thought we'd be gone an hour tops but it ended up being a huge chunk of my day and I was exhausted. I brought stuff over for Matt and I had to just rest so the girls colored while I almost fell asleep. This is wiping me out. I told Matt my fear is I won't have it in me to move again. We'll see what happens, though.

Sunday I spent more time purging our stuff. So much has already been donated or given to friends/family who want/need it. Its nice to unload so much, its just getting daunting because I know a lot more needs to go, but as a family of six we actually use/need a lot of stuff. So... it is turning out to be a bigger job than I thought it would be.

In other news, it was super nice this weekend and I'm bummed I never really got out there. The kids have a SUPER busy week this week. Things on our agenda:

  • Lucy's conferences and 4K registration
  • Olivia plays in the University of Minnesota's Honor Band
  • Olivia and I are going to a mandatory meeting for our DC/NYC trip (more on that soon)
  • Olivia and Jackson are going to the Level II meet for Forensics
  • I have therapy (thank god)
  • Penelope has conferences and we talk about her kindergarten readiness
  • Dance on two nights this week
  • A school movie night we're going to try to get to
  • Penelope has TWO birthday parties to go to this weekend
That's just evening things. My days are completely jam packed of stuff to do and places to call. Poor Matt is going to be working a ton all week. I'm already exhausted. 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Whew, your to-do is making me tired already. Sounds like a super busy week for sure but I hope most of the activities in the evening will be fun at least. I love that you have Edward Cullen's head still, and are taking it with you. So great. :-) I can't imagine having to unload so much stuff, and then figure out what to actually pack and bring. It's a lot, so hopefully it won't be too terribly difficult.


mypixieblog said...

Wait, when is your official move date!? I can’t believe it’s happening so soon! And I imagine that as a family of six there are all kinds of things you’ll have to hold on to, but hopefully this is a good way to purge at least a few things in the process/ ugh. I hate moving so much and hope all goes well for you guys! If I weren’t 8 months preggers and so far away I promise for sure I would help you load up the truck: hope you’re able to find some strong friends in your circle!

PS: I can’t wait to hear about your trip to NY/DC!!