Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Book Review: Drive Me Wild

Happy Tuesday! I feel like I've really slowed down on books lately, but I have goals to really make September a crazy reading month so I need to just really buckle down and make the time to read. 

How do you make the time to read? Are you setting a specific time every day? I'm starting to think maybe I should start doing that. 

Drive Me Wild - Melanie Harlow

When Blair Beaufort literally crashes into Bellamy Creek wearing a ball gown and a tiara, I should have towed her car, said goodnight, and sent her packing.

I’m a mechanic, not a hotel manager. I've got enough on my plate trying to keep my shop from going under, my overbearing mother off my back, and my baseball team in contention for the league championship. I don’t have time for a former debutante with zero street smarts and a cash flow problem, even if she is crazy beautiful.

Problem is, she’s stranded in my small town, and I’m hiding a protective streak underneath my broody exterior that runs deep. So I offer her a place to stay and keep my hands to myself.

For exactly one night.

If only she weren't so gorgeous. So funny. So eager to please. She’s a disaster behind the wheel, but she drives me wild without even trying--at work, at home, in the back of my truck . . . I can’t get enough of the way she makes me feel.

But I know better than to think it can last. She wants a fairy tale, and I’m no prince.

So when it comes time for her to leave, there’s nothing I can do but let her go.

No matter how much it hurts to say goodbye.

I have to be honest with you and just say, I love Melanie Harlow and at this point I will read anything she gives me. I had no idea what this was about and once I started reading I had to hunker in basically and do it in one sitting. 

Needless to say, I loved this book. Right off the back this kind of felt like that Disney movie with Amy Adams in it... do you know what I'm talking about?? ENCHANTED!! I mean, I didn't like the movie so much myself but my girls do, but Blair reminded me of her. She's just clueless, kind of helpless, she comes rolling into the story in a debutante dress and a tiara, and Griffin is just a tough exterior, unwilling to fall in love, but you know he has this completely soft spot in him. Fortunately, Blair brings it out and during the time she's in town that exterior is slowly starting to crack but then it comes time for Blair to leave and yes.... no more for you! 

I loved Griffin so much, he's everything I like in the hero. He's a little bit edgy, tattoos, former Marine, works with his hands, and he's roughs around the edges. Blair... she was kind of a toss up for me but honestly, it's kind of hard not to like someone who is so helpless. LOL!! Blair though is seriously looking for romance and big feelings and Griffin isn't any of those things. Oh, he's giving her big feelings, but he thinks he can't ever fulfill what she's looking for. To say they are opposites is an understatement, but they make a great couple and its fun to see them bicker, come together, it's funny, it's hot, it's all of the things. 

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this one if you are in a reading rut and need something to jump start that, keep you smiling, and wanting more. Trust me, Melanie Harlow gives us fantastic stories and I'm dying for the next one. I'm kind of hoping this becomes a little small town series because 1. I love those and 2. Griffin has some single friends and those will be really fun. 

I have to say THANK YOU to Social Butterfly PR for having me on this tour and getting me an ARC for review. I should have been getting my fitness on this weekend but meh- I read this instead and I have zero regrets. 


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