Thursday, June 16, 2022

Book Review: The Friendly Mouse

Happy Thursday! I get to pick Jackson up from his college prep thing tonight, a day early, so I'm ready to hear his stories of the first week. I feel like I'm starting to get into some kind of groove with Pep and Lu by myself during the day, and I'm trying to keep myself busy all day otherwise my depression starts taking a dive, and that's not good. One of the things we've been doing is reading books. Lots of books.... all of our books. I was SO grateful to have something new to add to the mix, that's for sure! 

The Friendly Mouse - Sophia R. Tyler
A Small Mouse with a Big Heart Changes the World One Friend at a Time. . .

Mouse is a field mouse who loves living in the country, but works in the city. This leaves him with a major problem: he is constantly late for work. In the face of losing his job, Mouse makes a bold, faith-filled choice that could cost him everything.

An unexpected story about how a little mouse overwhelmed with his own struggles finds himself to be the miracle prayed for by another.
I'll tell you, Pep and Lu really liked this one, they picked up on the moral of the story without me asking. Throughout the book we follow a hard working little mouse who works at a cheese factory, but happens to have a gruff boss named Mr. Roo. Mr. Roo doesn't come off very nice at all and he makes it hard for mouse to get through his day and mouse doesn't really know what to do to make things better/easier. 

Which brings us to the main point of this book, compassion and kindness. The rest of the story unfolds and we see different situations where mouse received kindness and then practiced kindness onto others. The Golden Rule, treat others as you wish to be treated, is shown in several examples, easy for children to understand and practice showing you their comprehension. The story is wholesome, but I will let you know that it does touch on God and the power of prayer, so if that isn't something you practice at home, this may not be the book for you. It would make a great story for a church children's room or as a story during vacation bible school this summer. 

I really loved how the last page of the book features 11 comprehension questions for children to answer and expand upon. You wouldn't even need to go through each question afterwards, you could easily pick one or two to talk about because each one would definitely lead into other stories because you know kids always go off on tangents! Overall we really enjoyed this story and Penelope loved the illustrations. She's been busy trying to copy some of the drawings (as she does with all books, it's how she's teaching herself some drawing skills this way). 

Thank you to PR by the Book and Tiger Lily Publishing for sending me a copy for review! You can learn more about The Friendly Mouse on the website dedicated to it, and it is available as a hardcover (my favorite for children books) on Amazon: 

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