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Book Review: I Let You Fall

Hey lambs! I have a doozy of a post coming, maybe tomorrow, with a medical update that will make you laugh and laugh.... otherwise you just cry and frankly, my skin is so dried out. In the meantime, I'll be coming at you with some reviews, so try to keep up. 

I Let You Fall - Sara Downing

On a summer night in London, art teacher Eve Chapman finds herself in a hospital emergency room. She watches surgeons desperately operate on a young woman with a terrible head injury. But when the bandages are removed, Eve is horrified to find her own body on the operating table.

Trapped in a coma, Eve struggles to cope with the fact that no matter how hard she tries, her family and friends cannot see or hear her. But then she meets Luca Diaz, a handsome and comatose lawyer who can see her. He takes Eve under his wing and teaches her how to use her new abilities to help the living.

As the weeks pass, Eve struggles to find a way back to her body and to Nathan, the man she loves. But the more time she spends with Luca, the more she wonders if her old life is worth going back to at all.
It doesn't take a genius to know right away that I jumped at this one because I was in a coma once upon a time. I can't remember anything from that time though, so I can't tell you if anything like this is real or possible, but I'd like to think that it is. Books with plots like these always go down easy because the idea that there is something more after that is comforting and makes the end feel less daunting. A little bit, at least. 

Eve is just living her life one minute and the next minute, she's watching a traumatic incident in a hospital. While asking if she should go with the person as they are lead away, everyone is ignoring her and while a bit rude, it's understandable given the work they do. Once settled Eve quickly realizes that by God.... that's actually her. In a very clearly not great state, and as loved ones file in, she also realizes they can't see or hear her. She has no way to let them know she's OK (I mean, is she though? She is in a coma.), and she, of course, begins to panic. As anyone would do, she attempts to leave the room and quickly learns that's not doable because of restrictions and what not. Enter, Luca. Luca is our friendly... being? Ghost? Random guy going through walls and stuff? Whatever he is, he's friendly, and he becomes a tour guide of sorts for Eve. You know he's a good guide, but why him? The story weaves us through their relationship, but also gives Eve a new viewpoint, I guess I'd call it. 

I really liked this. My only minus point is the ending. I feel like, it wasn't really enough for me. Honestly, I'm not sure if it was just me not really getting it (which is completely possible, my coma gave me good ol' cognitive impairment.. yay me) or if it was lacking something. Don't let me feeling on that detract from you reading it though. I always enjoy books with this premise, though I do understand why it might be hard on others. Death/dying/afterlife/what if's of life is a private journey, though I truly believe there is, and honestly, I'll take any hope I can get some days. 

A huge thank you to TCK Publishing and Quilla Books for sending me a copy for review. Of course Sara Downing, who spells her name the best way possible #teamnoH, for writing a beautiful book you'll fly through on your next weekend. Just don't read as you walk across a street because traffic might get ya. Ask Eve. You can learn more about Sara, and see her other books, on her website:

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Definitely an interesting premise. It makes me think of the YA book If I Stay. Sorry the ending wasn't quite amazing.

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