Monday, September 12, 2022

Concerts, Birthdays, the Lake, and more!

I feel like I am doing such a terrible job at keeping you updated on life and what I'm doing. I just forget about it and then I have so many things I could talk about, but I get overwhelmed and do none of it. So that's where I'm at. 

I'm going to be all over the place with this because I can't get my brain to put things in order like a normal person, so here we are.  

Most recently the big kids and I went to see Florence + the Machine this last week and it was a GREAT concert. I've seen Florence once before and this one was just as good, but I'm glad Olivia and Jackson were able to go, too. 
Truly, if you ever have the opportunity to see her live, you need to absolutely do it. Her voice is incredible and it almost feels like a religious experience, which sounds corny, but it's true. 
Dance has started up again, and it is nice to get back into the swing of things. Lucy is all about it, and Olivia seems to be happy to get back into a routine. 
Over the week that Pep and Lu were at grandma and grandpa's, Matt and I refreshed their room. We painted, deep cleaned, sorted toys, and moved furniture. It was exhausting but they absolutely loved it. Can they keep it clean? Yeah.... no. 
Lucy turned six in August, and it was a tough one. I don't know why it is still tough to get through it, but it is and it is so frustrating. 
We got a new kitten, which we've named Pickles. The other pets tolerate him, and the kids love him. He's super cute and has like four polka dots on his side/back and it's so cute. 
I'm pretty sure he's part feral or something because he is WILD. He wants to be petted until you do and then he bites you and tries to fight you. He's kind of an asshole. A cute one, but still. 
School started for everyone, and the best part of fall is watching Olivia in the marching band. This year Jackson is doing it too because he's in high school now. 
It's been pretty fun, and we've been bringing Pep and Lu until half-timeish, but Lucy has yet to make it that long. She usually falls asleep. Pep would go all night if you let her, but she also wants to run wild and eat all the snacks. 
With everything going on, I've been super overwhelemed with life, so this desk is basically a representation of my brain. Try sorting that out. 
Then we had Olivia's birthday, she's officially 17 now. We spent the day hanging out on Lake Superior in a couple of spots and it was such a nice day. Windy as hell, but the lake was so pretty. 
Matt also had a birthday, and he got a matching tattoo to mine. I got my Dory way back in 2017 as a representation of my AFE and just general struggle but survival, too. Matt got Marlin because Marlin always finds Dory, is always helping her through life no matter how hard it is. He's just a really great husband, and no matter what happens in life, I know he has my back. He's always there to help me and I'm never floating out there alone and lost. I love it, but I love him, too. He's pretty great. <3 

That's a solid round up of life right now. It's busy, it's messy, and we're doing it. 

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