Saturday, December 10, 2022

Book Review: Forever Bound

Do you ever read a book that maybe isn't something you would normally read and then you end up kind of loving it despite the flaws? That's exactly where I'm at with this one. 

Forever Bound - Jessica Dall

From the minute Bridget Marshall began renovating the old Irish Castle she bought outside the Village of Shansally, Ireland (pop. 119) she’d been on the verge of being labeled another “Silly American.” But after years of managing other people’s hotels, she’s ready to run one herself. And nothing will get in her way, not even her grumpy next-door neighbor, Liam O’Flannagain.

Soon, though, the dream Bridget’s been waiting for is becoming a living nightmare. The renovations, not to mention the budget, are out of control, and someone—or something—is determined to get her out of the castle. And if that wasn’t enough, whenever she’s with Liam, the castle’s ancient past seems to come roaring to life, sweeping them along in a story they’re apparently destined to relive.

If she is to uncover the castle’s secrets, Bridget will need Liam’s help to figure out exactly how they’re connected…before the tragic past repeats itself.

Full disclosure, I absolutely figured this out a quarter of the way through, it was kind of predictable to say the least, but I was invested and I had to know what was going on with the storyline from the past, of which I didn't figure out quite as fast but that worked out for me. I loved Liam's broodiness, I thought Bridget was kind of an airhead who wasn't really respectful of other people's feelings and that bothered me. Like, you're basically dating one guy, but sneaking away with another, and you can't understand why either one would be upset? Come on, now. 

I love the time slips, it almost reminded me of Debra Anastasia's For All the Evers, another book with a time slip story line. Now, while my gut reaction is an eye roll, dammit if I don't think about that book often and already, I'm a week out from finishing Forever Bound and I keep thinking about it, so clearly there's something about that trope that sticks with me. 

I unexpectedly loved this one and I want to read more from Jessica Dall, her writing just kept me with her and the story, so there's something to it. If you're looking for an actually fast read, this would be a great one, especially if you love a good Irish castle, a hunky Irishman, some fairy lore, buried treasure, star crossed lovers, and forbidden love, this is your next book. 

Thank you to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for providing a copy for review! 
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