Monday, May 25, 2009

The Next Thing On My List- by Jill Smolinski

I finished another book today, in just under three hours. No kidding. I told you I am a speedy reader!! I read "The Next Thing On My List" by Jill Smolinski and I have to say- it is a terrific book. Absolutely a must read. It seemed kind of quirky and fun but I had no idea how thought provoking it would be. It is a story centered around June, who is stuck at a ho-hum job but doesn't really seem to be doing anything with her life. She's kind of a wall flower because of her doing nothingness. (This kind of resembles me lately). She unfortunately is involved in an accident that kills her passenger on the way home from a Weight Watchers meeting but discovers that the girl who was killed (who she barely knew) had a list called "20 things to do before I turn 25". So June, out of guilt, decides to take over and complete the list in her passenger's honor. So I really thought it'd be kind of a corny book but it really was very good. Lots of the things on the list were silly such as kiss a stranger, go on a blind date, go braless, etc. but some of them were more serious like change someones life. The book was actually super funny. I laughed A LOT and I don't know if the story itself was funny or if it was funny because June's luck mirrors my own. Everything that would happen to her would likely happen to me!! So if you are looking for a good book- this is one I would definitely suggest.

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