Saturday, May 23, 2009

What the hell- Emily Bronte?!

OK, so I'm reading Wuthering Heights. I'm trying really hard. The main problem being that it took me 4 hours to get to page 94 because I have no idea what the hell I'm reading. Here's a sample that literally- I gave up on:

"Nay, nay, he's noan at Gimmerton," said Joseph. "I's niver wonder but he's at t' bottom of a bog hoile. This visitation worn't for nowt, and I wod hev ye to look out, miss-yah muh be t' next. Thank Hivin for all! All warks togither for gooid to them as is chozzen, and picked out fro' th' rubbidge! Ya knaw whet t' Scripture ses."

And this was one of the easier ones because I could kind of sound it out and Matt was getting really frustrated trying to ignore me.

Seriously- does anyone know Yorkshire translation??? If it weren't such a damn classic and a supposed great love story- I'd throw this shit back into the library return box. I feel like such an illiterate dumb ass trying to read this. Have I past the love story part? I have no idea because I can't understand 90% of what I'm reading. Attempting to read this book alone makes me realize how crucial reading and writing is. Seriously- are there people who speak and write like this now?? This is horrible. Ugh. I'm totally rethinking my reading list. And the fact that I have a super tattered and worn copy of "The Complete Novels of Jane Austen" sitting underneath Wuthering Heights on my table doesn't help. It may take me all summer to finish this pile at this rate.

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