Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beautiful Lies- by Lisa Unger

If you are looking for a really great read, then you MUST check out Lisa Unger's Beautiful Lies. I'm a really fast reader anyways, but I literally could not put this book down. Lisa does a superb job at keeping the suspense realistic and the story line is amazing. It is the story of Ridley Jones and how little choices that you make can set your life in a whole new path. Ridley inadvertently becomes a hero after saving a little boy from getting hit by a vehicle and because of that one action- the course of her life and the existence that she knew is forever changed. It delves into the Safe Haven Law, (its creation) and how maybe some children weren't given up willingly. It's such a great story and it has a huge twist at the end (which I love) and you really can't predict how it's going to turn out. I definitely recommend it and I can officially cross off another book from my summer list. :)

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