Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Book Reviews: Bright Lights, Big Ass AND Bitter Is The New Black

Summer Reading Blitz '09 continues with more Jen Lancaster. I swear to God- I have to meet this woman, her and I would be besties immediately. Her sarcastic humor is identical to mine and the things she says are exactly what I would say in the situations. It's really creeping me out to be honest.
Bright Lights, Big Ass

I will start by saying this was not as hilarious as "Such A Pretty Fat" was for me, but I did like it and I did laugh out loud. Matt is truly sick of my reading at this point. This is basically about life in the big city and even though I live in little po'dunk Superior, Wisconsin- I can certainly understands her plights. My neighbors are also of varying degrees of crazy and I often think that you need to apply for some kind of license to own a home because I tell you- the people buying homes around me are idiots. Who paints their house bright ass blue with black trim? Who decorates their yard with numerous handmade lawn ornaments? And really- who told you it was a good idea to mount gigantic, unrealistic, creepy as shit butterflies to the side of your house?? It makes it look like the neighborhood is being swarmed by some freak bugs or something. Anyways- this is a fun summer read. :)

Bitter Is The New Black

OK- now this is her first book (I read them out of sequence and it didn't seem to matter) and it was hilarious. I laughed my ass off on this one. Now you know how much I love Jen, but in this book- she seemed more bitchy to me. Like maybe not as fun. I don't know. But I still love her and know that we could be a hilarious duo. Anywho- this is about how she went from living the high life to living in the ghetto with the Russian Construction crew "working" next door. It's her quest for a new job and learning the hard lessons of frivoulous spending, which I have yet to learn. This is a must read especially in these economic times because if you happen to be unemployed- it's uplifting to know that everyone is having a hard time finding a job. :)

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Jen Mc said...

OMG - I LOVE her books! I still need to read her newest one. HILARIOUS!